F.M.P- Research

History of Comics 

Stan Lee – “Its no fun reading about a someone that is perfect. you want to read about a character you can identify with because we’ve all got problems and if you can create and write about a character who is flawed but manages to overcome those flaws then I think that pretty good.”

Comic book layouts and design

Grid format-Is the most common used layout in comics in the sliver and golden age of comics even now they show a variety of new layouts that stick with the original concept of traditional comic books. Modern comics have much more complicated layouts created to allow some amazing eye-catching pages. 9-panel grid pages are usually used to give the reader more information and action or not as important scenes.

Manga, however, is read by going right to left instead of the traditional left to right. Skewed grid panels create a high-speed motion effect where the reader is forced to look at the panels quickly creating a dynamic effect that riles up the reader and gets them pumped. Longer panels that are like wide shot images are also done in a comic to create an illusion of time being extended and give it a much more cinematic feel.



Focal Points-Planing where to put your focal points is important as you want to avoid visual confusion horizontally to the next. For example, the horizontal panel should have its focus in one of three locations- in the centre of the panel, to the left of centre or the right of centre. In vertical panel, the focal point should be in the centre, slightly above centre or slightly below centre. the hardest panel to set up a focal point is usually the square. Now you have an option of placing the focal point above, below, left and right of the centre and even the centre itself. This method moves the reader’s eye from left to right and maintains a flow through the page layout.

  • Do Not have competing focal points in adjacent panels
  • Do Not lead the reader’s focus out of the page bounds or into a panel that does not follow the sequence of the story.

As an artist, the poor composition within panels will disrupt a person’s natural reading flow and create confusion.  Once you’ve disrupted the reader’s concentration, they end up losing their immersion in your story, no matter how good it may be. This poor structuring will also negate all the hard work that is put into a script and storyline. If you don’t want your writer to strangle you, pay close attention to how you set up each individual panel, and how those panels interact with one another to create a page.



Line of sight- This method is used to force your reader to follow the direction using a subconsciously.the character’s position and movements, visual cues in the background, and the placement of dialogue bubbles are all placed in such way so that the reader follows everything within the page forcing you to move from left to right along the horizontal axis. Maintaining this method on each page will make sure that the reader keeps reading and doesn’t stop until the end.



Moodboard of a variety of different layouts 


World and Character Building/Backstories

Mephisto- He is a loyal demon to the past demon lord however in these times of war he chooses to search for the anomaly child and recruit him to become the new demon lord against the four great satans that govern hell in the absence of the demon lord as they wish to kill the child. He understands that power is the only thing that is accepted in the world and that this kid has so he deems him worthy of the title demon lord. His wit is infamous in the hell and he has quite an ominous aura to him that makes him a sinister demon even the four great satans have trouble understanding him as for his power it is unknown to all but the demon lord. His wisdom makes him the formidable foe and allies his combination of wit and wisdom makes him a quite terrifying demon but also quite amusing. He wears his pride like his clothes and doesn’t care what others think of him as he only seeks approval from the demon lord.

demonsZuriel- she is the right hand of God and isn’t seen by other angels as she is always fulfilling tasks for god however now that god is gone she has no more tasks so she decides to look into the recent anomaly that has come about. she is a kind and loyal angel that has some of the basic loner type characteristics. she isn’t that social and doesn’t really talk to other besides god and occasionally the archangels when she is told to. besides this she is wise and very humble her knowledge is second to god her will is said to be from God himself and beauty is second to none and holds her faith and morels above everything else.


Parents- Lucius’s lives far outside the city which means he rarely visits the city but also living outside the city means that he and his family are open to dangerous attacks and more.

Elara- His Mother is part of holy knights of Britannia that fight against any danger that threatens their existence/kingdoms. His mother’s name is Elara she is a beautiful woman that has no rival and can take out the strongest of men and the scariest of beasts. She is a calm and collected but also energetic. She has a high sense of responsibility, dependability, and reliability. Most Pragmatic, observant, often seen as cool and aloof, practical, unpretentious, ready for anything, however, she is also Commanding, visionary, gregarious, argumentative, planner, leader. Elara is loving and kind to civilians and her family beside her serious and loner type personality she very happy and caring character towards others especially those who might struggle or feel down.


Sirius- His Father was part of the magicians guild of the city one the most famous in all of Britannia he had become one of the most powerful sorcerer whom even trained after Merlin, however, he decided it was time to take care of his family and settle down live a quiet life spending time with his son and wife. He would spend most of his time doing house chores as his wife would still lead the knight so most of the work around the house would be left to him and he became a know as a medicinal doctor to the neighbours around the house he lived in, however, there weren’t many people as they lived quite far from the city with only elders producing crops so it was a peaceful area. He is a kind person and domestic which is a natural gift, however, likes spending most of his time raising and educating his kid to be a good man. He is Intuitive, Assertive and quite Judging but considerate if pushed to is limits he can succeed things and will not hesitate to do everything in his power to defend the people how he loves.


Personality– Lucius is an energetic and optimistic boy who has a constant drive to become a knight and to be a great man and make others happy as his childish but yet serious attitude towards life make him quite wise even for a young kid. He is confident in his skills but always pushes himself to reach new limits never giving up and he is always down to fight others in a friendly fight but he understands that if put into the front lines of combat that he must kill to survive even if it is a harsh choice to make. when serious he is able to keep calm and cool no matter the pressure in battle he is able to adapt himself no matter what or who he faces.

Lucius is courageous and even a bit reckless, often putting himself into very dangerous situations that could end up with him dead however he makes up for this with his adaptability and focus in battle and in general.

Nephilim– In the game franchise DMC, Dante and his brother Vergil are both Nephilim which are the offspring of a demon known as Sparda and an angel named Eva. In my story, my main character will also be a Nephilim, however, he is very special as his biological parents are neither demons or angels.


Mother– Claudine, Angelica, Aqua, Joyce, Grace, Flora, Julia, Alice, Athena, Elinor, Elara

Father– Kyros, Zephyros, Dante, Quintin, Talion, Nero, Artrin, Baranor, Sirius

Divine Hierarchy

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 14.41.31Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 14.39.08


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 14.23.26.pngArt Style- For my art style I will be going with something realistic, liner I will be looking at things like sun-ken rock as it has a very realistic and cool art style. other manga artists like Tsugumi Ohba and takehiko Inoue are the ones that I will look into and try and create something that has similar aspects form these artists.



F.M.P – Pitch


Working Title– Outlier’s Journey

Genre- Action/ Adventure/ fantasy/magic/Drama

Duration- 30 pages

Target audience- 16+ males and females mature

Outline- God has disappeared so has the Demon Emperor as the celestial war rages on between the two clans, The child with the power to change the world is now born both clans have felt his energy in the realm of earth and they begin to look for him. The story starts when the boy named Lucius has grown to the age of 16 his power continues to grow and making it easier to be found as his parents keep him protected it now has reached the point where they cannot hide themselves and their child.

Character Breakdown- Lucius aged 15 male black he’s a young boy growing up in a world that isn’t easy however him and his parents get through as farm very far into the countryside.

Character Name Ideas

  • Lucus
  • Lucian
  • Lucius
  • Sol
  • Seth
  • Denzel

Main Character





  • Beautiful
  • wise
  • strong
  • kind
  • knowledgeable
  • proud
  • most are humble
  • strong willed
  • they stick to their faith and morels no matter what



Personalty depends on the type of demon example higher rank will be more noble weaker demons are like scavengers and very unreliable

  • human forms able to transform into a demonic form
  • high-rank demons wise weaker are stupid
  • work on a power-based hierarchy
  • proud
  • sadistic
  • sinister
  • ominous
  • mischievous


Modern: Time, Values and Change

I will Incorporate Modern Change into my final major process by creating a physical copy of the comic and then a digital version which I think is the best way to portray the change form comics being readable as a physical but now on digital devices which I will talk about in my evaluation and research.


  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Saga by Brian K. Vaughan (story)and Fiona Staples (artist)
  • Monstress by Marjorie Liu (Story) and Sana Takeda (Artist)
  • Xena warrior princess by Sam Raimi (Creator)
  • Buffy the vampire slayer by  Joss Whedon(Creator)
  • Berserk by Kentaro Miura (Art and Story)
  • Seven deadly sins by Nakaba Suzuki (Art and Story)
  • Feng Shen Ji by Chi Fai Tang, Cheng, Kin wo (artists) and Zheng Jian he(story)
  • Blue Exorcist by Kazue Katou (Art and story)
  • Black clover by Yuuki Tabata (Art and story)
  • Platinum End by Takeshi Obata(Story) and Tsugumi Ohba (Artist)

Extra research will be added on as I continue with my F.M.P.


Website Final Design


For my final website outcome, I am quite proud of as I successfully created a website using the colours red and dark grey. The design itself is quite minimalistic however it does have a certain unique style to its. for the final design the thing I would change would be the responsiveness of the website as a whole.

I wish I had set up a better gallery function as well as having a slideshow function for the mobile version of the website that would have better functionality for that device. Aesthetically the website looks very nice and unique however it would have been better if I used very specific images to create a more creative design.

The contact page was very basic and bland however it does have a quite straightforward design that does keep the user focused on what is needed to be focused on which is the artwork.





Media Pre-Production

Prop Planning

  • Watchdogs 2 Game case
  • Bag
  • Laptop


Equipment Research

  • Camera/ filming
  • Microphone/ recording extra dialogue and sound effects
  • Computer/ editing


Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 14.26.17.png

Costume Planning





Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.21.57Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.22.06Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.22.13Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.22.21

Packaging designs and Evaluation



Coola cola is a healthy energy that will refresh and energize. This packaging is for the energy drink Coola cola the green background is used to represent the green and healthy nature of the drink as for the text I chose to go with something much more natural like handwriting.

I decided to have a leaf in the middle to also represent to healthy drink and also have a simplistic design as for the white strips around the leaf I added them to take away the negative space and give the packaging more colour besides green but also presents the healthy and a pure look and it emanates to the consumer.

I like this final outcome as I believe it best represents the healthy nature of the drink and is quite eye catching making the drink more likely to be bought by consumers. creating the white strips around the leaf also give the packaging a more unique and polished look and design that make it look quite professional. with the leaf being the main icon I think the packaging spreads the correct and appropriate message across to the consumers around the world.


I think what went well was the design of the font I think that its wells suited and equally has the appropriate use of what the product is trying to convey because the use of colour white adds the natural element of purity and the green around create a beaming logo that I believe can be used on an actual official drink.

I think the lack of tone and shade of green the packaging could be worked as the packaging is quite bland and lacks shade that could create an even better and rewarding logo and packaging. however, I would say that besides the lack of shade and tone I believe the packaging is amazing.

I have learned that the packaging should be very considerate of the product and how it will be present if it is appropriate and if it fits well in the market.


3D Animation Final


I am quite happy with with the outcome of my animation even though it isn’t completed it still has a decent amount of animation frames. I do think that the animation could have been finished and improved on however I do think if I continued it would have ruined my work as I was having issues that I could not resolve. the use of inverse kinematics is quite well used at the beginning of the of my animation and toward the end. I have used some very simple and even funny ways of my character moving.

The character animation was followed by the camera feature as he goes along the course, however, the feature was a bit exaggerated which created a quite funny camera movement that actually likes the look and style of.


Task 2: Design Prototypes for Websites

This is an initial design I have created for my website using photoshop, this my idea of what I want it to look like however, I may change it as I continue to design the website.

the coloured panels are actually not part of the design however they indicate where images will be placed of my own work.

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 14.14.59Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 14.15.29Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 14.15.59Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 14.16.11

Colour Palates

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 17.20.05Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 17.21.43Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 17.19.50


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