Printing Theory

CMYK – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black
  • CMYK is the four colours that the are needed to print
  • CMYK are mostly used for lithograph printing
RGB – Red, Green and Blue
Offset lithographic printing
  • This method is a mass production method
  • It uses rubber blankets to print media
  • The print media like paper does not come into direct contact  with the metal plates
  • Main advantage is the high consistent image quality
  • lithography was initially created to be an inexpensive method of reproducing artwork
Screen Printing
  • The design is made and printed onto film positive with the design
  • then they get a screen made out of polyester which is  used to make to add the emulsion which is applied to light later on in the process
  • when the film is added on to the screen with the design and pressed on to the screen where they then expose it to strong light usually in a dark room
  • its then washed down after exposure leaving the design area clear of emulsion
  • finally the paint is spread



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