Task 1 Assessment


Woodblock printing is one of the first forms of printing which is mostly used throughout East Asia until this day. The woodblock printing process consists of a wood block’s being carved with many different blades to create a design or drawing and then using different layers of ink and rice paste (which is a disappearing agent that gives the ink body an evenly spread ink over the block) to create the image below this can take up to 16 layers. the paper that is used is called Washi it is a thin piece that is used to sketch out the design and also to print on it. Finally, the baren, a flat line tool is used to press the paper against the inked woodblock to apply the ink onto the washi.


Mono Prints is a printing method that uses the same image once however, it has a reusable technique that when they are printed they do not share 2 of the same print and most of the time the colour is complementary or compound can make them very eye-catching and vibrant.


lithography was invented in the year 1789, however,  it was an expensive and slow process and the only material by using wood, metal and even stone. It was only in the 1880s that it had a breakthrough which allowed artists to use all colours of the rainbow to create main posters. The process starts off with a plate being chosen which is usually aluminium plates and a picture of the design on astatate or image you want being printed and then expose to ultralight which transfers the image onto the aluminium. lastly, the plate is run through a high-pressure machine that prints onto the sheet of paper.


Etching is a traditional printmaking technique that was introduced around the mid 17th century the method for this technique is to cover a plate with wax and start to scratch off the design onto the plate with an etching needle and then exposing it to acid will make the exposed metal dissolved leaving deep lines behind. Finally clearing the metal and applying the ink and washing it again to only have ink on the etched lines so when it’s applied to a printing press so the etched lines are the only ink visible.

Flexography an image has to be printed on a relief of a printing plate which is made out of rubber and it’s inked and placed on a printing surface. This process can be used on paper, plastic, metals, cellophane and other materials. flexography is most popularly used for packaging and labels furthermore, it can be used for a newspaper but isn’t very popular.

Digital Printing is a method of printing that is based off a Digital image from a computer or other Digital devices. Desktop publishing  and other digital sources would use a highly powered laser or inkjet printer to bring out the best of the digital content onto paper so it can be published for magazine covers and more, however, this method is very expensive and increases for each page than other methods this method is also quite fast and allows people to obtain prints in a small amount of time.

Screen printing is a method that uses a mesh tool is used to place ink onto a substrate except in areas that have been blocked by stencil. A squeegee is spread across the screen to fill the open mesh apertures with ink and then it stroked again with ink so the screen touches the substrate to create a line of contact.

Adolphe Mouron Cassandre would use a stencil and an airbrush to create his posters his style would derive from the cubism and futurism as an inspiration for his work. His artwork was a combination of art deco and a classic style of the 1920s and 30s. Art Deco is an art style that uses a modern appeal from the 1920s and 30s it is also inspired by historical and ethnic sources such as ancient Rome, Aztec Greece, Egyptian art and African art. Art Deco uses a combination of geometric shapes that compose a modernistic eye-catching poster which is able to present to people that are travelling.



This modernist poster by Adolphe Mouron Cassandre posters for the Dubonnet wine company was one of his first most iconic posters made using offset lithography that was designed in a way that made people see them whilst in a moving vehicle. Cassandre poster presents line in a simple but thin way that combines to create an original picture. Furthermore, the tone he uses to produce his art is quite muted as it is visible to the eye but not forcefully put into his work, the element of texture is shown in such a  smooth way as the paint is evenly spread in the major areas and create an interesting sort of gradient of colours. The shape is fashioned in a quite geometric way as none of them shows any sign of distortion this gives the poster an original look but a very simple design.

The composition of this is pretty simple as the image is placed in the top centre of the poster and the title is placed underneath the image this show how simple the idea, however, it still has a unique font that fit well together and as the colour palette is quite limited as you can see colours are used several times in the image and the font. In this poster, the background yellow radiates, a slightly cheerful vibe whilst the wine red gives off an energetic intensity of passion to the most refined sections of this poster, for example, the wine bottle, the males face and hands.

The font chosen for this poster is derived from 1930s art deco designs as Cassandre’s motivation to from this research I will also adapt the artistic understanding of font to my poster designs and play around with fonts and find out the most suitable font to use on certain poster ideas.


This is a digital poster created to advertise the game ‘final fantasy xv’ this poster would have been created and edited with programs such Adobe photoshop and illustrator.

The composition of this poster is quite simple as the name is set at the top which is basic and the age rating and logos are placed at the bottom. However, are placed facing forward at the mountains as the clouds are forming figures supposedly an evil force and this idea shows a dynamic sense of creativity. The colour of this poster is very ranged as we can see different shades of yellow, brown and purple, however, the majority of colours that are seen are blue and black, it seems these are the colours that embody the main character in the middle as it may indicate that the story we will play is his. The colour Blue also presents loyalty, trustworthy but also sadness this one colour tells us about the story before even buying the game which is a good to keep in mind. Black, on the other hand, radiates power, elegance and sophistication the meaning of these colours open many doors and it makes this poster such an energetically engaging poster.

The digital process in this poster would most likely start at from the background where we see the sky and mountains and the shape of the ground where  the characters are standing and begin to place them and work on their shadows and texture which is a difficult job as you would have to work on even the smallest of details which is time-consuming but as we see still gets the work done.



Originally the characters would most likely have hand draw on paper like this image and then it would be given more detail to create the final product with trail and errors. However it is not only the characters that would have the same sort of development the backgrounds, time of day and colours to use would have been tested many times over.  The font is part of the famous final fantasy franchise which seems like they wouldn’t put much work into however they would discuss the colour and exact sizing that would be applied.



















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