Assessment: Posters

First Poster Design:


The idea of my first poster was created to take the appearance of a person walking out of a narrow alley towards the gherkin and then I added the text to the wall with the vanishing point technique on photoshop. For the shadow, I simply added a realistic drop shadow effect which is applied diagonally to align with the sunlight. Furthermore to create the black alley walls I used the polygonal lasso to trace the shape and fill the shape with the bucket tool. In my first idea the meaning, I am trying to convey is that London festival of architecture isn’t only an event to visit its the city its self. Originally I was going to have the text flat on the bottom left the side of the poster. Personally, I think this poster is still at a starting point and could do with a lot more development as the poster itself still seems empty as it is now and could still use more colour experiments. The font I really like as it gives off this London vintage vibe which really shows sends us the message of London architecture from its vintage history of buildings.

Second Poster Design:

My second design is my most developed idea in my opinion. Firstly as you can see the original poster on the left had no title and the font was plain and basic so to fix this I started by recreated the layout by making sure it has a border where I could create a better composition and fill the negative space, where I could add the title and applied a better font. secondly recreating the background was very useful as it gave me a more refined layout where I can add my images correctly aligned with the shapes which I created with the polygonal lasso tool tracing the images by lowering the opacity and copy over the shape and press ‘cmd c’ to copy the section and then ‘cmd v’ to paste the selected area. I would then use ‘cmd t’ to transform the image’s scale to give it a smaller border within the shapes. Secondly, I changed the hue and saturations to change it from its original sky blue and pink to a turquoise and light purple however for the buildings I decided they should keep their original colours as it would look bolder and I thought that fewer triangles and images would make the poster more energetic. The meaning this poster conveys is that there many buildings in London that show off architecture with just three of the most famous buildings. This is also the poster that I have chosen as my final idea to present.

Third Poster Design:

The third poster design is very simple however within this idea I have developed the colour to give a different perspective and also wanted to test which colour would go better with the yellow font and both go well, however, the red was the better choice due to the combination of red and yellow having such an overwhelming atmosphere. Additionally, the font is a very dynamic slightly futuristic look and to make the image of the London eye look like a drawing by applying a filter from the filter gallery and I picked graphic pen filter which changes the mood of the poster for the composition of the title I chose to place it diagonally because I didn’t like the way it look at the top of the poster as I felt it was very basic and could give off a dull atmosphere.



This worksheet shows the stage of my development for my poster.

This is my final poster design.






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