After Effects- Spaceship task



Firstly I created my own spaceship with adobe photoshop and applied it onto adobe after effects to create a simple animation of it flying through space. Creating a composition is one of the first steps to adding the spaceship to then, later on, animate it to move towards the other side of the composition.


In this image, I edited it to show all the features I used to create this flying spaceship such as new file was used to keep everything to do with the animation in one folder as for solids was for everything that is stationary and doesn’t move. furthermore, the new composition is used to create both stationary and things I will animate.



I also added a picture of the stars as a background to show that it is in space by import in a jpg file and placing it as a composition separate from the space ship so I can work on each separately without messing with the other also locking this in place helps as it meant to be stationary and not to move with the spaceship.


This image shows how I edited the position and how I used the markers to organise the position and speed of how and where the spaceship will move and end up.






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