After effects – Bouncing ball Task

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 14.00.17 1.pngFor this, after effects task, I animated a bouncing ball for starters I created a composition of a circle and began to animate it to look as if it is bouncing and to do so I had to use 2 major modes being position and scale  these were needed to create the effect of the ball bouncing I had to use precision on the keyframes on both scale and positioning. Secondly,  I had to focus on the timing and Spacing as this is the essence of animation and the speed also gives a sense of what the object is and its weight of the object. furthermore, before the ball hits the floor it’s slow and then as it bounces back it speeds up. the lastly, the squash and stretch whereby deforming the circle by stretching it before the next keyframe and then squashing which we would repeat to create the effect.




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