After Effects Planet Task

In this lesson today we animated rotating planets. Firstly we got a surface like textures off of Moodle and organised all the files into order and made sure that are files were saved in a file on google drive to not lose any information which is important so files don’t become corrupt. Secondly,  I applied an effect called cc sphere that allows me to create the texture into a 3D sphere and take the form of my first planet while also creating a rotation that rotates 360 degrees.

I then repeated this process for another planet, however, i made it smaller so it looks like it is further away from a landscape perspective so we can see the difference in space between these to planets. Thirdly I  worked on the timing and spacing also I created a repetition effect for the planets to carry on spinning even when it goes over the set timer line. To do this I cropped the time that had the rotation animation and applied the time remap effect to the animation so it will carry on for the full 30 minutes and most importantly is to type in the word LoopOut() with the brackets included as this tells the program what to do.





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