HUD Planning – Task 1


Task 1: for task 1 I will create a Gantt chart that will show a very accurate and easy to read planner table of when I start and finish all my tasks during my assessment period also showing the percentage of work I have actually completed and what dates they are complete on. Furthermore, I shall write on my blog exactly what I will do and have done.

Task 2: In task 2 I will research and analyse existing and historical driving games on console platforms. I will also describe the interface elements and analyse what they do and investigate real car dashboards and collect examples of the symbols and icons also creating mood boards to show these examples. finally, research and consider the legal implications and ethical considerations.

Task 3: In this task, I will be write up my car game ideas and I will write about the strategy, the payoff and information set I will also include an image of my highlighted course. for this task, I will also be completing work in my sketchbooks such as my logo designs and HUD designs that link with the style of my logos. finally, I will add logo idea mood boards.

Task 4: In this task 4 I will be making all my mock-up logos and huds from sketches into their final and finished digital illustrations and write up an evaluation about how I created them and what methods I use to create them. I also explain how I used visual language media and processes that communicate my ideas and how I safely worked around the computer.





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