HUD Research – Task 2

HUDS in cars


HUDs in cars can have features such as GPS, time and estimated arrival times, calls which can be received in a faster, quicker and safer manner. Also, receive messages and listen to music this creates a safer environment in the car and around. HUDs in cars most of the time have a customisable point of view and can show you anything from mph to the gas gauge.

Car dashboard elements


Dashboard elements are needed to feed the driver information, for example, the fuel indicator tells us if the driver running low on fuel or not and many more icons tell us other things.

Racing game HUDS

racing games huds .jpg

Designing HUDs is a quite  complicated process and we must take many things into consideration such as the composition and spacing, this is core as if a car game had the speed meter on the top left and the game draws your attention to the bottom then that would be a bad composition however, if the speed meter was placed at the bottom right then it would be easier for the player to notice it and interact with. secondly making sure the HUD doesn’t take up the majority of the screen is also a very important factor however if the HUD is too small and that can also be a bad thing as it will be harder for the player to interact with.

Information Set are a set for a particular player predicts every possible move they could’ve taken place in the game so far, given what the player has experienced.

Forza horizon 3


Forza Horizon has some of the best guidance of colour mixing from primary, secondary and tertiary these give the game a unique and personal vibe. The composition is very dexterous and simple with some basic elements of car games, however, creates a distinctive HUD and game. furthermore, the rule of thirds is used extensively well on the bottom left and right, where I  believe to be the most eye-catching and concerning the lines, they are faintly seen yet still visible as the Hud, was made to focus on the essentials, for example, the player’s location on the map and the speedometer. Depth of field in the game are very sharp on the car itself but for the area around the car the blurriness increases as the car speeds up, the typography used in the game is quite subtle and basic but together with the colour, composition, rule of thirds and use of lines is combine to create a great aesthetic appeal that gives the game an incredible design that engages the player.

Forza Horizon 3 is aimed at the young audience that can vary, for example, the usual 4 to 6-year old that loves cars but also to the older car fanatic that love the car and previous Forza horizon titles. The content in this game starting off with text is clear subtle and visible as the for the graphics the game has a very dense and striking touch of realism as the game’s immersive details and textures go to show how far the game is taking the realism to the next level of gaming.Alternatively, the animation and sound of this game are vastly intertwined as they mix together to create an immersive experience for the player, as for the interactivity it is considerably simple but keeps the player engaged and in the heat of the races and craving for more. Semiotics of sounds tell us that car engine is running and how fast it is going also the sound of collisions tell the player the car has been damage the louder and harder the collision the more damage the car has taken.The colours also give an understanding of what time it is during the day and also what kind of area you are in such as a desert type of area and a jungle and wet type of area. The game also keeps the hud uncluttered to keep the player focused on the races and driving the consistency of the hud and the game itself feed the player a calm and fair share of information keeping the player up to date and informed with prioritising information such as where your going how fast your going and what place your in.

The navigational design  in Forza horizon 3 is simple and instant feedback to the player making sure the player knows where to go keeping them informed on who is where on the map the mini map also uses primary, secondary and tertiary colours as visual cues for example highlight race tracks on the map street and area names and waypoint to attract and help the player understand all they can access also identifying the track help the player to respond quickly during drifts and when to brace for stunt jumps.

Technology such as the radio and satnav help create a stronger connection with the game and player keeping entertaining at a maximum so that the player doesn’t lose focus or interest in the game and making the player want more points and gain higher scores and gain more progression.


Sponsorship is when companies pay famous racers and supply them with equipment or drinks to publicise their companies by adding their logos onto the cars giving fans an awareness of the product or company giving them more sales and the larger most know companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and other brands will support the most famous racers for higher publicity for better sales and free equipment for the racers.

Legal implications and ethical considerations

The copyright designs and patents act 1988 is a copyright law that gives creators of literature, drama, music and artistic works the right to have control over the way their content may be used such as broadcasts and public performances, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public this also give the creator the right to be identified as the author and change anything he believes needs changing. Copyright transpires when organisations or a creator creates a work and brands it as an original which requires a large amount of labour to produce their creation, skill or judgement. Translation is identified with the free creation instead of the idea behind the creation. For example, your idea for a book would not be safeguarded however the real content of a book you compose would be. At the end of the day, another person is still allowed to write their own book around a similar idea, if they don’t copy word for word or adjust your idea then that is tolerable. Names, titles, phrases and colours are not considered unique enough to be covered, but a logo of sorts that uses these elements may be considered to be unique.


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