HUD Development Ideas- Task 3

Racing course

I chose this area as my racing course not only because it goes by the area I live in but because of some famous places in London such a big ben, the London eye, the imperial war museum, the oval and Tate Britain.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 16.58.37_Ink_LI.jpg


My first logo idea started with the basic colour red as I began to research and develop my ideas further I then sort out a stronger name for this team that would give the game a more meaning such as knights the have a deeper meaning in the UK as based on legend there were nights who protected our land many centuries ago and as the legend of king Arthur is most popular around the world I decided to use its concept to create my first team called Pendragon Racers which still keeps the basic idea of the colour red, however, has a deeper meaning and

This is my hud that I designed for the red team. In this hud, I added the essentials such as time for the player to carry out high scores and have competition I then added the minimap for the player to know where the other players are and highlight the racing track. furthermore, I added a speedometer and battery symbol so that the player can be aware of the car’s conditions and how fast they’re going. the indicator that tells the player their position was added at the top right to be easier for the player to read and I chose to give it the font named flame on as the basic idea was the colour red I also intended to use the element of fire, however, i kept the elemental idea as I thought it would suit the idea of the logo idea of the knights.


My second idea also was based off a basic colour yellow with further development I began to research mythical creatures such as the phoenix, sphinx and harpies which I decided to use as I started to design the team logos themed as ancient and mythical beings and legends as I further looked into the mythical creature I began to she that there are many versions of them mostly the different percentages being they are sometimes more bird than human and the other being they are more human than bird so I decided to use simpler logo ideas to represent them as a team. As began to look at cool ancient fonts that would suit the team and I decide to use a font as part of my logo idea.




This is my yellow team hud I used a similar look to the red team’s hud as I wanted all the hud to share a connection so that they don’t make the player feel like the are playing a completely different game. I use the same mini-map and similar speedometer however with this speedometer I chose to give it wings and different look as I wanted it to give the team a more unique look such as the timer’s font and position being an ancient font.

My third idea was based on the colour blue and a white tiger, however, this idea changed as I started to research my ideas as I then chose to go with a werewolf as it was a mythical beast and the white tiger had some legends but wasn’t really fitting the myth and legend theme I started to develop. As I drew out sketches I started to figure out ways of presenting a werewolf and I decided to just go with a wolf as I didn’t like the idea of a humanoid looking wolf  but loved drawing out wolfs I began to draw a wolf’s features such as eyes paws ears and then sketched some faces and even a whole body to figure out which would look best.


20170304_234125                   20170304_234143

For this teams hud I started with the basic colour blue, however, i started to look at thinking about what would suit the wolf idea and I began to look into the graffiti font which I thought would give the team hud and logo the look I was thinking of. As for the hud I decide the only major change I want to focus is the font and the speedometer as decided I would make it a wolf claw holding it and change the speedometers look to give it a much more fitting appearance to go well with the claw I also add another circle showing the player the battery of the car and it percentage.


My game is a third person racing game which evolves design your team vehicles to their maxium and makes your team become victorious. As a team of three, you must work together to not only out drive but outwit your opponent with sheer skills gain the advantages on the other teams will allow your team to gain their team skill giving the electrical car of the 21st centuries a kick of old legendary power. Crashing your enemies into other streets can put your team at an advantage or disadvantage.

The only way of winning isn’t only finishing as 1st place a team or carry out epic stunts diversions and aiding other team mates will give you points and EXP to level up your team and develop new skins and unlock better cars and their parts also beating high scores and gain world record in maps will give you loads of EXP.

The player will hear sounds indicating when they have gained their team skill and also their speedometer will have a coloured aura for what team you are in. Aiding allies and deceiving enemies will give you a quick little notice and sound effects so you know you have successfully done it.



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