Final mock ups and evaluation- Task 4


pendragon-racer-logoFor my pendulemragon racers logo, I stuck with some of the knights themed designs I had sketched out in my sketchbook I used the image of a knight’s helmet and shoulder to represent the team as it give it this vibe that the knight in the logo is confronting someone or something this shows us that this team is ready and bold to take any challenges thrown their way and to compare my work to a professionals I would say that my work would need much improvement as it does have such dynamic and fresh crisp look as some of the other logos professionals create and the same would apply to my hud.

red hUDS

I created my logo designs by using illustrator to trace out my sketches onto illustrator has the brush tool that creates a vector stroke which gives my logos and HUDs a sharp and sleek look which I think clashes with my game in a very immersive way. I used photoshop to colour the logos creating a unique atmosphere for each team logo with their individual vibrant colours.

For the charging harpies design I went for something really different than I intended as I was going for a drawing of a Harpy, however, decided to change my idea and just create the logo with the name charging harpies giving it a stronger more uplifting vibe as the wings give it a presentation of empowering and liberation. I used photoshop to give the text an effect which allowed me to create a stone looking effect to the font. Comparing this to a professional’s work I would say it could to with much improvements such as much more refined lines and background colour.

harpies hud fin

wolbane-logoThe wolfbane drifters logo is inspired by a wolf and a graffiti style of logo that is why I chose to use a wallpaper image as a background to emphasise the graffiti style and font which I was going for as for the HUD that also has a graffiti element that gives the team a fierce and dominant sense also I used illustrator to trace my sketch however used photoshop to edit and add colour to the logo. If I were to compare this logo to a professional’s work I would say that it is not on there stand however as an essential idea it is okay and to further improve this I would go by making sure the quality and the drawing is in high quality.  WOLF TEAM HUD

To safely conduct my work without any hazards such as having my bag under the desk so that I do not trip up or any of my colleagues making sure wires are correctly in place and not all around the room which could cause serious accidents such as dropping water on any wire or computers.



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