Task 2 Ideas generation

2-D Animation Treatment

Title: The Road To Hope!

Genre: Short Film / Action / Supernatural

Running Time: 1 minute

Target Audience: 12 to 18 young males/females

Outline: A Father of Two Siblings one consumed by darkness from exposure to an unknown element from within her father’s lab. Gives him the overwhelming urge to cure her of a twisted fate and path down to darkness as he continues his research. Alex falls further to the temptation at this point he loses his voice of reason and he does everything he has to even if that means committing murder as a result of his villainous final work he gives his son Thane a counter power to save his sister from the darkness a power imbued with light. After that moment the father commits suicide consumed by the guilt of murder. Now Thane must stop Alex as she seeks to destroy the world as she loses her sanity.

Character breakdown:

Alex Hunter, 19, female, villain

Thane Hunter, 18, male, hero

Rationale: I chose this idea because I think it will exhibit the idea of hope in a very unique way to that will be different from other animation that interprets hope as it won’t be a basic superhero animation but a very twisted that shows cryptic messages but ones that present real life morals.


Stop-Motion Animation

Title: Lights

Running Time: 5 seconds

Target Audience: young males and females

Outline: A string of lights will slowly move into the screen and slowly begin to form an L shape as it moves around the shot. when it moves into position I will turn on the lights and I will blur the shot to create a light-induced final image.

Rationale: I chose this idea because I thought it would be the best way to represent the letter L as lights are very common and easy to identify.


Road to Hope!

For the title of my animation, I went with “Road to Hope” because in my animation there are two endings showing the outcome of two different stories however only on is shown to an extent which demonstrates the ending of the more hopeful Road.

Female protagonist idea development

Here I tried out a few different drawing styles, hair styles and also facial expressions to try and develop what would be a better outcome. experimenting different looks is import as I want for the female character to portray a very strong and imposing as she is the villain also represents an intelligent and independent character. Testing different expressions is also very good to evaluate how the character maintains her unique personality and appearance.

Drawing a figure is also essential as it gives the characters a much better unique look that can drastically impact on the character as it important that audience can relate and almost feel this character’s presence. I have drawn the torso of this character quite masculine to portray a strong strike and intelligent woman who is very set on destroying the world for her own personal beliefs. Create different designs will also help create the world around the character.

Design this character was quite straight forward with the international villain’s characteristics powerful, intelligent, immoral, wounded and determined. for example, she has a way to bend things to her will using her charm to control others around her and avoiding stupid decisions that will make her two steps ahead of her brother.

Male protagonist idea development


For my male character, I tried some quite elegant and neat hairstyles that I liked, however, they did not really work as it would make my character lack the superhero quirky personality haircut so I with bottom left haircut which would give him a much more thrilling look to show off the character silly personality, however, would also signify his courage.

Here I experimented a few facial expressions to see which would fit with my characters silly quirkiness and courageous personality this characters facial are very intense as he can look very happy and innocent and then look very serious and that give him his mysterious but also interesting quirkiness which develops quite a bit.  designing this character was interesting as I had a plan to create him to have a sort of personality where he is willing to face his fears and take them head on and make hard decisions but also have somewhat of a hero hesitation and trying to overcome the worst outcome of that scenario in the name of justice.


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