Wallpaper App Reasearch

This mood of different user interfaces of wallpaper apps and layouts which I will use as a reference in my app development.



Zedge is a very heavy customization based wallpaper app that also has extras functions like ringtones, icons and widgets which gives the user a diverse arsenal of customization for there phones.

The user interface is very simplistic and easy to use which means the user won’t get confused with the system. It also allows the user to quickly choose what you want to do with the wallpaper, for example, save it to the gallery, set to lock screen, set as wallpaper and even adjust wallpaper which allows the user to select a smaller part of the image to set wallpaper. It also makes it easy to look at similar images when on the selected image you can swipe right to see more images that are similar also lets you like and share the image with friends.

Zedge also give credit to the user or artist who has created or published the image and you are able to look at there account and find more of there content furthermore the app has refined discover menu is diverse because it allows you to find wallpapers by colour for example if you want to have an orange wallpaper the app will give you many different apps with the colour orange being the majority.

The colour palette used in Zedge is simple it consists of a dark purple, dark and light greys and also white text which mixes well as it allows the user to see the text clearly.



walli is less of a customization app and more of a social image sharing app which isn’t a completely bad idea because allows users to share their backgrounds and even find another background that you’re interested in.

Walli is quite the opposite of Zedge it has a similar interface to Instagram which is good for users that are familiar with Instagram. The app has a simple interface which is great for users who don’t really use a lot of apps and even for the users that are very common with app interfaces it easily accessible however unlike Zedge when setting a wallpaper it only applies it to your home screen background and doesn’t give you the option to apply it to your lock screen the only way to do this is to save it to your phone’s gallery and apply it the lock screen which isn’t even part of the app anymore which draws the user away from them which isn’t what you want you to want to keep you on the app and interact with it daily.

Walli has the similar function to Zedge by which they give credit to the user that published is and has there account above the image which makes it easier to access the user’s other work and like the images and has them on your likes page.

Walli uses a gradient of colour from aqua to turquoise instead of a solid colour which is a unique colour palette that other apps don’t use it also blends well with the default white background on the app.



Wallpapers-Craft has a very similar feature from zedge and walli it has a very basic layout similar to zedge it also uses a side menu to access all of the categories. Unlike the other apps, this app doesn’t have a social aspect to it which takes away from app interactivity which is not what you want from users, you want users to use the app as much as possible.

However, the simplistic look and UI of the app is nice for the user that doesn’t want a hectic app that has several features that confuse users and this app is straightforward and easy to access. The App also makes it easy to favourite wallpapers and keep them all saved on the app without making an account which is less time to waste especially when you just want to find a quick wallpaper to set as a background.

The colour palette from this app which black and yellow is very basic but is very straightforward.



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