Comic Cover Appropriate Research


My cover drawing is inspired by a concept art of the game DMC which i believe to represent power and how the main character is part of this world of angels and demons. even though the angels are half naked and show fan service it still represents the story in way that doesn’t offend the audience. This message is what i try to convey within my own work and doesn’t isn’t just fan service.

Games like Dead or Alive and manga like fairy tail both use fan service and get away with the over use of fan service which is unnecessary to the game and have no actually message that contributes to the story unlike mine which tells tells a bit of the story with the drawing. I also do not have them completely naked which show it doesn’t have any inappropriate meaning to it and also one girl is wearing bikini and the other a body suit so it shows that they are not completely showing cleavage.

The main character siting on the throne is not to demonstrate male superiority in any way shape or form as it is to demonstrate that the main character has more power than both Angels and Demons. The image was meant to have much more detail like wings on both females and even more demonic features on the demon woman however due to time i was not able to complete this.

I understanding how this image can come across as sexualising women and showing to some male superiority however asking some the females with my group the reason and the message of the drawing are both justified.

Here are some example of fan service being used with in popular and ongoing work.

Here is my cover image



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