Game Evaluation

Unreal Engine


I think my game had a really well-written story that mixed the element of fantasy and present day really well and had an impactful story, However, I do believe the story could improve much more with time. As for my concept art which is one of my favourite parts of this project was really well done and presented positively what I wanted to create within my game world. Yet again I think that I could have created some much more professional pieces of concept art and improved on the drawings I had by adding more detail into facial features.

As for the digital character design, I really like what I ended up with and I believe that the time I spent on creating this character was really worth it. Designing his look was quite difficult as I was trying to create a serious and cool looking character but as a smaller version which was hard but I ended creating what I liked and made it unique in my style. for the animations of my character, I took my time as I wanted them to be as detailed as could be which gave them a great and polished look in the end.

The level design I created is really good look as I implemented colours that would make the level look magical but also realistic which I really liked. The level’s look was also made to look a bit more cartoonish and create a game environment that would be enjoyable even if the story is dark. however, I could have made the level much more detailed and bigger.


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