Unit 45 – Scenario

Chloe is a teenage girl that attends a secondary school, Chloe is also a very active person participates in many activities after school and in-between as she takes part in so many activities and uses up her energy. She spends time after school with her friends around the local shop next to her school as they spend time around the school they see a lot of buses pass by and which could advertise cooler cola her local shop as well advertises this drink as it is the popular shop in the area.

Usually, Chloe goes to the shop to by a Lucozade or red bull however as she doesn’t really approve of these drinks she now wants to buy a more natural alternative which could help her maintain a healthy diet. She knows that these drinks are not good for her and just doesn’t really enjoy having these drinks. She has been on the lookout for drinks that could give her without being too bad for her body and help her maintain fit. However, Chloe is unsure of what drink to buy since she doesn’t want to spend money on new drinks as she doesn’t have much to spend as she only gets money from her parents. She also doubts a lot of these drinks that may false advertise and contain too much caffeine.

With all these adverts of cooler cola and her other friends also beginning to purchase it she now feels the need to try it out. As this becomes popular with younger kids Chloe is more inclined to buy the cooler cola and feel peer pressured to buy it because of her friends and saving her the trouble of her looking for an alternative.





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