Unit 45 – Scenario

Chloe is a teenage girl that attends a secondary school, Chloe is also a very active person participates in many activities after school and in-between as she takes part in so many activities and uses up her energy. She spends time after school with her friends around the local shop next to her school as they spend time around the school they see a lot of buses pass by and which could advertise cooler cola her local shop as well advertises this drink as it is the popular shop in the area.

Usually, Chloe goes to the shop to by a Lucozade or red bull however as she doesn’t really approve of these drinks she now wants to buy a more natural alternative which could help her maintain a healthy diet. She knows that these drinks are not good for her and just doesn’t really enjoy having these drinks. She has been on the lookout for drinks that could give her without being too bad for her body and help her maintain fit. However, Chloe is unsure of what drink to buy since she doesn’t want to spend money on new drinks as she doesn’t have much to spend as she only gets money from her parents. She also doubts a lot of these drinks that may false advertise and contain too much caffeine.

With all these adverts of cooler cola and her other friends also beginning to purchase it she now feels the need to try it out. As this becomes popular with younger kids Chloe is more inclined to buy the cooler cola and feel peer pressured to buy it because of her friends and saving her the trouble of her looking for an alternative.





F.M.P – Evaluation



As my story is about angels and demons I took inspiration from comics and tv series like seven deadly sins, platinum end, devil may cry and buffy the vampire slayer. Looking at design aspects of angels and demons in these series helped me establish my own characters looks and designs. All of the panels mostly came from my imagination with a lot of inspiration coming from other series that I have read previously. Finding rea

Finding research for this project was very easy as I had watched and read a lot of similar stories and I had the idea for the story before this project. I look at a lot of the series I liked and some world building blogs as I had the idea but wasn’t sure on how to build on it and develop it further, but as I looked into these other series in depth and a few blogs talking about building your own world I then began to create a big world where I could tell a clear story that could carry on for a long time.

For my comic, I took a lot of influence of the manga liner style which style I was looking at as my research and a manga called seven deadly sins was one of the biggest influences as it has a very similar story and great art style which I like. I also used a limited colour as they do in manga books as I didn’t want to go overboard with the colouring, however for the process of me actually producing the comic I drew it out on paper first and then put it on to photoshop so I could create a refined and clearer comic which is a similar process to other manga creators.

I did not finish my comic by the deadline as I didn’t have time to successfully finish of the storyboarding of the comic and putting it all on to photoshop, also we were told we had 3 months but then was cut down to 6 weeks and due to the time left and the pressing stress on me with the continuous pestering of one the staff it was hard to finish my work. The longest task had to be the storyboard which was also the most important as I took my time to come up with ways to portray my imagination on paper.

The changes I made were subtle and not many as I took my time writing and drawing my ideas carefully, however, I the story itself was rusty at the start and soI had to change the plot significantly. This was because I barely had a story and it was cut to sort for anyone to understand what it was about and where it was heading. I spent a lot of time developing my ideas as I only really had two it wasn’t hard to develop and choose one, I even considered but both ideas together as a pose to getting rid of any.

I presented my work with five of the starting pages that told the premise and beginning of the story with the best artwork I could produce with the time I had left. This was not what I originally had planned as I was planning on creating the whole comic and having handouts within the room where my work was presented however due too the lack of time I had left I had to scratch the idea. I believe it fulfilled the requirement of the brief as I showed the change of work on paper into digital which covered the brief topic of change and time.

I think the presentation turned out really well despite what teacher may think I also really liked the fact that I used a limited colour palette which made my work stand out. However, I if I had to go about it differently I would have defiantly gone with the idea of printing a full-on comic book to hand out and maybe even created a more detailed and colour full comic that would look much better.

Lastly what I learnt from this project was what I need to do to create a comic and even though the process may be long I will still enjoy the process and end outcome of telling my story and maybe even do this later on in the future again.



Game Evaluation

Unreal Engine


I think my game had a really well-written story that mixed the element of fantasy and present day really well and had an impactful story, However, I do believe the story could improve much more with time. As for my concept art which is one of my favourite parts of this project was really well done and presented positively what I wanted to create within my game world. Yet again I think that I could have created some much more professional pieces of concept art and improved on the drawings I had by adding more detail into facial features.

As for the digital character design, I really like what I ended up with and I believe that the time I spent on creating this character was really worth it. Designing his look was quite difficult as I was trying to create a serious and cool looking character but as a smaller version which was hard but I ended creating what I liked and made it unique in my style. for the animations of my character, I took my time as I wanted them to be as detailed as could be which gave them a great and polished look in the end.

The level design I created is really good look as I implemented colours that would make the level look magical but also realistic which I really liked. The level’s look was also made to look a bit more cartoonish and create a game environment that would be enjoyable even if the story is dark. however, I could have made the level much more detailed and bigger.

Media -Evaluation and Dairy


Due to the absence of one of the group members, I had to take the responsibilities that he had as a cameraman, scriptwriter had been put on to me and as this inconvenience had occurred I took the lead of the project which concluded with work quality being reduced. however besides all of the negative things that occurred to me and the other member of my group was still able to create a nice and meaningful trailer that paid homage to watchdogs 2.

For starters, the timing and video footage in the trailer was very well placed and organized was a very unique way that told the story as I wanted too. On the other hand, there was a scene that was dragged on for too long and could have been improved on by cutting it down and filming a scene or two extra to make the trailer more fluent and not bore the view as that scene is too long and makes the view not interested however it does create a slight bit of suspense of if the character will complete the task in time or not.

The music of the trailer was a very uplifting hip hop type of track which fits into the video as we try to present the events of the game like hacking for justice in a positive light which is a good thing as it makes people feel pumped up to play the game. However, the story in the trailer is a bit dark as it about a male hacker infiltrating an organization’s database through one of their hubs making the track a bit out of place but I still believe it to go with the flow of the trailer.

Production Diary

Week 1 (05/03/18)

This week we started to get everything we need to film as this was the first week of our filming and the last due the time we had left for the deadline. We filmed most of our shots in and the college at around 2pm and ended later that day at 5pm which was a lot of time we spent on shots as we wanted them to be as perfect as they could be with the time we had left. Most of the shots we had come up with we had already decided the places we would shoot the scenes so all that was left to do was got straight into the scenes so we shoot all the shots in order and got all of them done.

I did the filming and directing as Philan done all the action with both of us also evaluating the footage we made sure we could get our shots all done with the minimum time as possible. we day ended with our last shot outside and called it a warp as we reviewed the footage we were happy and decide to return the equipment.

Week 2 (13/03/18)

This week we worked on the editorial stage of our work which we took time with as we picked what clips to use and the style we were going with as we added a small amount of in-game footage as we wanted the viewers to see what other things the game included that we weren’t able to film as we didn’t have the resources nor the time. however, we were still able to produce a very fun and great trailer.


Comic Cover Appropriate Research


My cover drawing is inspired by a concept art of the game DMC which i believe to represent power and how the main character is part of this world of angels and demons. even though the angels are half naked and show fan service it still represents the story in way that doesn’t offend the audience. This message is what i try to convey within my own work and doesn’t isn’t just fan service.

Games like Dead or Alive and manga like fairy tail both use fan service and get away with the over use of fan service which is unnecessary to the game and have no actually message that contributes to the story unlike mine which tells tells a bit of the story with the drawing. I also do not have them completely naked which show it doesn’t have any inappropriate meaning to it and also one girl is wearing bikini and the other a body suit so it shows that they are not completely showing cleavage.

The main character siting on the throne is not to demonstrate male superiority in any way shape or form as it is to demonstrate that the main character has more power than both Angels and Demons. The image was meant to have much more detail like wings on both females and even more demonic features on the demon woman however due to time i was not able to complete this.

I understanding how this image can come across as sexualising women and showing to some male superiority however asking some the females with my group the reason and the message of the drawing are both justified.

Here are some example of fan service being used with in popular and ongoing work.

Here is my cover image


F.M.P Idea Development and Research

Related image

Who receives magic in my world?

Humans and some magical creatures. Angels and Demons, however, are part of a higher understanding of magic power that goes beyond the mortal world.

How do these powers manifest themselves?

Humans and magical creatures are born with magic however for humans its harder to manifest as they are unable to fully tap into the wellspring of magic which is only a piece of magic

Is magic wild or can it be controlled?

Magic can be controlled by those who dedicate them self to the study of it however for those who use it blindly could cost them severely.

Can magic be learned or are people simply born with it?

Magic can be learned however, some are born with a stronger connection to the wellspring and some have a weaker connection. Furthermore, someone with a weaker connection can Siphon off other magical things (like a dragon claw and such, which is limited) or people to use a part of their magic.

Are items such as wands or staffs needed to use magic?

Wands and staffs are not needed to use magic, however, some may enchant things like swords amour and other things to gain an upper hand but its limited to time

Is magic practised or shunned by religious leaders?

Magic is practised by most as their universities and guilds dedicated to the craft however some may not like these individuals

Do any of the social classes fear or ban magic?

That would be dependant on the people as in the city of Camelot both higher and upper-class value magic however again this not too say that some in the upper or lower classes fully accept magic.

Is there good and evil magic?

Yes, this mostly only applies to angels and demons as they tap into the raw essence of magic and dark magic. Humans magic works a bit different as they tap into the wellspring which is a weak stream of the raw essence that the angels use. Dark magic is only used by dangerous magical creatures such as trolls and demons that have a higher connection to that dark magic.

Fashion for a medieval styled era

I looked at medieval like fashion from series like Witcher, Skyrim, bloodborne, dragon quest and even dragon age. Things like chainmail armour, iron amour and cloth-like materials, leather, silk, cotton and fur from animals like bears.

Dyes came from different sources some cheap and some expensive. For example plants, roots, lichen, tree bark, nuts and more every colour could be achieved however this process was the most pricey part so colours like white and beige were common with poor folk. As dyed fabric would fade quickly if it wasn’t mixed with a mordant, and bolder shades required either longer dyeing times or more expensive dyes. Thus, fabrics of the brightest and richest colours cost more and were, therefore most often found on nobility and the very rich. One natural dye that did not require a mordant was woad, a flowering plant that yielded a dark blue dye.


Artist Research 

Jim Lee

Looking into Jim Lee’s art style it’s detailed but simple as uses a lot of lines to create a realistic texture and uses heavy shades of black to create shade bring the drawing life and adding small a bit of a 3D look.

One thing I learned from Jim lee’s live stream video was that when he is drawing characters in the background or far away he gives less and fewer features basically making it quite minimalistic but with his heavy shades of black or whatever colour is being used.

Takeshi Obata

Takeshi Obata is one of my favourite manga artists his style is quite and realistic like Jim Lee’s, however, his style is much more simplistic but still uses some similar techniques using lines to create liner drawings that have a high quality of detail.

His strokes are quite angular and his shades of colours are lighter in comparison with Jim Lee’s heavy strokes of shade.


Outlier script.docx


Planning my own Layouts

Looking at these videos helped me with making sure my placement of text bubbles and images are correct and can keep the reader reading. Making sure that I can keep a clear suspension for the surprising things that could happen like big reveals.



F.M.P- Research

History of Comics 

Stan Lee – “Its no fun reading about a someone that is perfect. you want to read about a character you can identify with because we’ve all got problems and if you can create and write about a character who is flawed but manages to overcome those flaws then I think that pretty good.”

Comic book layouts and design

Grid format-Is the most common used layout in comics in the sliver and golden age of comics even now they show a variety of new layouts that stick with the original concept of traditional comic books. Modern comics have much more complicated layouts created to allow some amazing eye-catching pages. 9-panel grid pages are usually used to give the reader more information and action or not as important scenes.

Manga, however, is read by going right to left instead of the traditional left to right. Skewed grid panels create a high-speed motion effect where the reader is forced to look at the panels quickly creating a dynamic effect that riles up the reader and gets them pumped. Longer panels that are like wide shot images are also done in a comic to create an illusion of time being extended and give it a much more cinematic feel.

Focal Points-Planing where to put your focal points is important as you want to avoid visual confusion horizontally to the next. For example, the horizontal panel should have its focus in one of three locations- in the centre of the panel, to the left of centre or the right of centre. In vertical panel, the focal point should be in the centre, slightly above centre or slightly below centre. the hardest panel to set up a focal point is usually the square. Now you have an option of placing the focal point above, below, left and right of the centre and even the centre itself. This method moves the reader’s eye from left to right and maintains a flow through the page layout.

  • Do Not have competing focal points in adjacent panels
  • Do Not lead the reader’s focus out of the page bounds or into a panel that does not follow the sequence of the story.

As an artist, the poor composition within panels will disrupt a person’s natural reading flow and create confusion.  Once you’ve disrupted the reader’s concentration, they end up losing their immersion in your story, no matter how good it may be. This poor structuring will also negate all the hard work that is put into a script and storyline. If you don’t want your writer to strangle you, pay close attention to how you set up each individual panel, and how those panels interact with one another to create a page.

Line of sight- This method is used to force your reader to follow the direction using a subconsciously. The character’s position and movements, visual cues in the background, and the placement of dialogue bubbles are all placed in such way so that the reader follows everything within the page forcing you to move from left to right along the horizontal axis. Maintaining this method on each page will make sure that the reader keeps reading and doesn’t stop until the end.

Moodboard of a variety of different layouts 


World and Character Building/Backstories

Mephisto- He is a loyal demon to the past demon lord however in these times of war he chooses to search for the anomaly child and recruit him to become the new demon lord against the four great satans that govern hell in the absence of the demon lord as they wish to kill the child. He understands that power is the only thing that is accepted in the world and that this kid has so he deems him worthy of the title demon lord. His wit is infamous in the hell and he has quite an ominous aura to him that makes him a sinister demon even the four great satans have trouble understanding him as for his power it is unknown to all but the demon lord. His wisdom makes him the formidable foe and allies his combination of wit and wisdom makes him a quite terrifying demon but also quite amusing. He wears his pride like his clothes and doesn’t care what others think of him as he only seeks approval from the demon lord.

demonsZuriel- she is the right hand of God and isn’t seen by other angels as she is always fulfilling tasks for god however now that god is gone she has no more tasks so she decides to look into the recent anomaly that has come about. she is a kind and loyal angel that has some of the basic loner type characteristics. she isn’t that social and doesn’t really talk to other besides god and occasionally the archangels when she is told to. besides this she is wise and very humble her knowledge is second to god her will is said to be from God himself and beauty is second to none and holds her faith and morels above everything else.

Zuriel the name means rock or strength of god


Parents- Lucius’s lives far outside the city which means he rarely visits the city but also living outside the city means that he and his family are open to dangerous attacks and more.

Elara- His Mother is part of holy knights of Britannia that fight against any danger that threatens their existence/kingdoms. His mother’s name is Elara she is a beautiful woman that has no rival and can take out the strongest of men and the scariest of beasts. She is a calm and collected but also energetic. She has a high sense of responsibility, dependability, and reliability. Most Pragmatic, observant, often seen as cool and aloof, practical, unpretentious, ready for anything, however, she is also Commanding, visionary, gregarious, argumentative, planner, leader. Elara is loving and kind to civilians and her family beside her serious and loner type personality she very happy and caring character towards others especially those who might struggle or feel down.


Sirius- His Father was part of the magicians guild of the city one the most famous in all of Britannia he had become one of the most powerful sorcerer whom even trained after Merlin, however, he decided it was time to take care of his family and settle down live a quiet life spending time with his son and wife. He would spend most of his time doing house chores as his wife would still lead the knight so most of the work around the house would be left to him and he became a know as a medicinal doctor to the neighbours around the house he lived in, however, there weren’t many people as they lived quite far from the city with only elders producing crops so it was a peaceful area. He is a kind person and domestic which is a natural gift, however, likes spending most of his time raising and educating his kid to be a good man. He is Intuitive, Assertive and quite Judging but considerate if pushed to is limits he can succeed things and will not hesitate to do everything in his power to defend the people how he loves.


Personality– Lucius is an energetic and optimistic boy who has a constant drive to become a knight and to be a great man and make others happy as his childish but yet serious attitude towards life make him quite wise even for a young kid. He is confident in his skills but always pushes himself to reach new limits never giving up and he is always down to fight others in a friendly fight but he understands that if put into the front lines of combat that he must kill to survive even if it is a harsh choice to make. when serious he is able to keep calm and cool no matter the pressure in battle he is able to adapt himself no matter what or who he faces.

Lucius is courageous and even a bit reckless, often putting himself into very dangerous situations that could end up with him dead however he makes up for this with his adaptability and focus in battle and in general.

Nephilim– In the game franchise DMC, Dante and his brother Vergil are both Nephilim which are the offspring of a demon known as Sparda and an angel named Eva. In my story, my main character will also be a Nephilim, however, he is very special as his biological parents are neither demons or angels.


Mother– Claudine, Angelica, Aqua, Joyce, Grace, Flora, Julia, Alice, Athena, Elinor, Elara

Father– Kyros, Zephyros, Dante, Quintin, Talion, Nero, Artrin, Baranor, Sirius

Divine Hierarchy

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 14.41.31Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 14.39.08


Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 14.23.26.pngArt Style- For my art style I will be going with something realistic, liner I will be looking at things like Sun-ken rock as it has a very realistic and cool art style. other manga artists like Tsugumi Ohba and Takehiko Inoue are the ones that I will look into and try and create something that has similar aspects form these artists.


F.M.P – Pitch


Working Title– Outlier’s Journey

Genre- Action/ Adventure/ fantasy/magic/Drama

Duration- 30 pages

Target audience- 16+ males and females mature

Outline- God has disappeared so has the Demon Emperor as the celestial war rages on between the two clans, The child with the power to change the world is now born both clans have felt his energy in the realm of earth and they begin to look for him. The story starts when the boy named Lucius has grown to the age of 16 his power continues to grow and making it easier to be found as his parents keep him protected it now has reached the point where they cannot hide themselves and their child.

Character Breakdown- Lucius aged 16 male he’s a young boy growing up in a world that isn’t easy however him and his parents get through as farm very far into the countryside.

Character Name Ideas

  • Lucus
  • Lucian
  • Lucius
  • Sol
  • Seth
  • Denzel

Main Character





  • Beautiful
  • wise
  • strong
  • kind
  • knowledgeable
  • proud
  • most are humble
  • strong willed
  • they stick to their faith and morels no matter what



Personalty depends on the type of demon example higher rank will be more noble weaker demons are like scavengers and very unreliable

  • human forms able to transform into a demonic form
  • high-rank demons wise weaker are stupid
  • work on a power-based hierarchy
  • proud
  • sadistic
  • sinister
  • ominous
  • mischievous


Modern: Time, Values and Change

I will Incorporate Modern Change into my final major process by creating a physical copy of the comic and then a digital version which I think is the best way to portray the change form comics being readable as a physical but now on digital devices which I will talk about in my evaluation and research.


  • Adobe Photoshop


  • Saga by Brian K. Vaughan (story)and Fiona Staples (artist)
  • Monstress by Marjorie Liu (Story) and Sana Takeda (Artist)
  • Xena warrior princess by Sam Raimi (Creator)
  • Buffy the vampire slayer by  Joss Whedon(Creator)
  • Berserk by Kentaro Miura (Art and Story)
  • Seven deadly sins by Nakaba Suzuki (Art and Story)
  • Feng Shen Ji by Chi Fai Tang, Cheng, Kin wo (artists) and Zheng Jian he(story)
  • Blue Exorcist by Kazue Katou (Art and story)
  • Black clover by Yuuki Tabata (Art and story)
  • Platinum End by Takeshi Obata(Story) and Tsugumi Ohba (Artist)

Extra research will be added on as I continue with my F.M.P.


Website Final Design


For my final website outcome, I am quite proud of as I successfully created a website using the colours red and dark grey. The design itself is quite minimalistic however it does have a certain unique style to its. for the final design the thing I would change would be the responsiveness of the website as a whole.

I wish I had set up a better gallery function as well as having a slideshow function for the mobile version of the website that would have better functionality for that device. Aesthetically the website looks very nice and unique however it would have been better if I used very specific images to create a more creative design.

The contact page was very basic and bland however it does have a quite straightforward design that does keep the user focused on what is needed to be focused on which is the artwork.





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