Game Development

Level Background

As soon as I got this brief I began to write down my story ideas. I also began to look at Scott Pilgrim vs the world the game which is a 2d side scroller beat em up. I looked at the game’s background and how the game levels were designed. As I looked at the game I came up with ideas of how I can interpret that in my game and what I should include into my level design.

Artboard 1.png

As I began to design my background level digitally I looked at various forest looking levels in games and looked at what I could take from those designs like a background gradient which give the level a kind of magical but ominous feel to the game.

Sprite Sheet

charactersprite sheet.png

Then I looked at what my main character could look like and how I should make him look like in-game. Even though it took me a long time to create a digital design I created a very simple and cool looking character that I really like the look of the colour scheme as well as the overall design.









Unreal Engine



App Devlopment+Evaluation

For this brief, I was given the task to create an app of my choosing I quickly chose to make a wallpaper app as I personally use the app like Pinterest quite regularly. I started to research wallpaper apps and analysis how they work and examine how good there UI is towards me as a user and I also looked at the design and format of some different wallpaper apps. I used Adobe Illustrator to create all of the digital work I have displayed.


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 13.58.31.png

I then began to design some logo ideas for my app. the name of the app is going to be Papyrus which is a name of the first ever type of paper made by the Egyptian so I decided to create it with an Egyptian theme to show the hidden meaning behind the name. I first looked at the best way to represent wallpaper in Egyptian times and came up with the idea of a tablet with hieroglyphs and a ‘p’ the main focus representing the apps name papyrus. I then looked at a much more modern way of creating the app logo by using simple colours and shapes to create a quite interesting collection of ideas that I personally all like.

Final Logo Design

final logo.png

I choose this as my final logo as it was the mixture of both original ideas and best represented the app with a modern look and a touch of the past to show respect. The logo also looks quite magical as it is highlighting the hieroglyphs as a ‘p’ which I found to be quite cool and surprising with the outcome of the digital finish.

App Wireframe


app wireframe.png

finally, I started to work on the wireframe which was quite fun as I had a lot to experiment with as I had already looked at other apps and their designs. I wanted to create an app where the user would create a space of their own which they would find wallpapers that they like and around similar tastes they have. for example, users can share and display their own content and create folders where they have all their images stored in one place easy to access. creating an easy search system was also in mind as I wanted the user to be able to find the content they want really fast and easy to set it as their wallpaper really easily.

Overall I am happy with the design and how it could work as an official app, however, I wish I could have worked more on the app itself and create a more range within the wireframe to demonstrate the full capability of the app.

Media – Traliers

Movie Trailers

Genre: Comedy-Drama Sci-fi film

Age rating: 12A

In the trailer, it shows a couple contemplating on if they should downsize which a Procedure people take to make them selfs small and essentially become rich. the film is set in a somewhat futuristic modern society that is trying to become a green and better world.

The couple Paul Safranek who is played by Matt Damon and his wife Audrey who is played by Kristen Wiig.

Genre: Drama Biographical film

Age rating: 15

Molly is the main character played by Jessica Chastain

The story seems to be a con woman that has been successful by coning rich people however now she is being put on trial for her crime and it is also based on a true story.

Genre: Thriller crime film

Age rating: 12A

Henry is played by Jaeden Lieberher

The story seems to be about a young boy who is a genius becoming aware of his best friend neighbour that is being abused by her stepdad and Henry and his family trying to help her with genius.

Game Trailers

Genre: Action Game

Age rating: RP ( Rating Pending)

The main character seems to be Sam played by Norman Reedus

The story is quite cryptic and unclear but from what we see this is about a post-apocalyptic world were these unearthly beings are terrorising the humans.

Genre: Action, Hack and slash

Age rating: RP ( Rating Pending)

Bayonetta is voiced by Hellena Taylor

This game trailer is also not clear in what it is about, however, we get the impression that it has something to do with fighting and a lot of action.

Genre: Action, Aventure

Age rating: RP ( Rating Pending)

The main characters name seems to be Ghost who is voiced by Daisuke Tsuji

This story seems to be about a samurai in feudal Japan were a mans home has been destroyed and seems to seek revenge.


App Develoment

App Buttons

Image result for app buttons

Buttons may seem to be ordinary and not that important when it comes to UX design, however, app/ phone interface buttons are vital in creating a smooth and effective button layout that stick with the theme and aesthetic look of the app. Location and order are also very important as it creates a confidant UI that the user can like and not feel uneasy about. Labeling the buttons with what they do is essential as it dictates what the user ends up doing with their things, for example, a button that deletes your images should be labelled ‘delete’. Keeping the buttons simplistic is good to keep a likeable looking design that can catch the eye of all users.

This is my Interactivity test of how I will be designing my app. Using Adobe Muse I created a sample of three different page of how the app will transition. When clicking on the shape or number you want to create a button on you create a hyperlink linking it to the next page you want it to go to.

Maya Task – Lighting

Light Sources

  • Ambient
  • Directional
  • Point
  • Spot
  • Area
  • Volume

Create > Lights > Select a type of light (More than one way to achieve this)

Basic light setup


Brightens all parts of the scene uniformly

Useful for: Stimulating a combination of direct and indirect lighting.


Even illumination of a scene using parallel rays of light

Useful for: Extremely far away sources

Ex Sunlight

Point Light

Light radiates in all directions from a single point

Ideal for: Omni-directional sources

Ex Lightbulb


Creates a cone of light in one direction

Useful for beams of light.

Ex. Flashlight and lighthouses.


2D rectangular light sources

Useful for: Windows, Ceiling Lights.

Longer render time.


Light fills a 3D shape (Sphere, cylinder etc)

Useful for: A visual representation of the extent of the light.

Three Point Lighting

KeyLight – The Main source illuminating the object

Secondary (Fill) Light – Highlights details of the object

Back Light – Distinguishes the object fro the background.

Attributes of light

Intensity – How much light emitted from the light source.

Fall-off/ decay – How much light diminishes away from the source light (Fall-off).

Cone angle – Width of the lights cone of influence – area outside cone not illuinated.

Penumbra Angle – Fall off at edge of cone angle – “more” gives a softer edge to the light cone

Drop-off – How much the light diminishes at the outer edges.

Colour – Set and RGB colour for the light – affects the colour of the scene.

Light controls

Aim from/ Aim at

Fall-Off Rate

Cone Radius

Penumbra/ Umbra Control

Non-Linear Fall-Off

All in One Control

Good ways to use lights

Look to photographs of good techniques

Think in terms of balance

Avoid the overly dramatic

Look at natural lighting

Avoid saturated lights

Shadow Effects

Hard Shadows – Default Shadow option Faster render time

Soft Shadows – Soft realistic edges.

Fall-Out – Acts like a colour gradient, the shadow becomes lighter at the top of the shadow.


Shading is a combination of the basic material of an object and any textures that are applied to it.

“Lambert 1” –

“Blinn” –

“Phong” –

Go to> Windows > Rendering > Editors > Hypershade

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.31.38Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.44.22Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.55.19Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.58.12Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 11.58.15

App design


Title – Papyrus (Name of Egyptian paper first known paper in history)

Genre – Wallpaper/personalisation app

Summary –  This app consists of saving wallpapers on to your phone or setting straight to your background or lock screen.

Target audience -This app is for phone users that are on there phone quite a long time and like to have unique wallpapers or just have something pleasing to symbolise a taste of something the user like such as flowers, dogs etc. Users of any age.

Visual Elements – My app will have a modernistic look and use both dark and bright clours such gold and black.

Rationale – I have chosen this idea because I think wallpaper apps are underrated and also I find them useful when changing my background and I especially get indecisive when trying to pick a new background so I find it very helpful when a wallpaper app is able to help me find something and provide me with something new every time I need a change.

Primary and Secondary Research – As secondary research, I have written break down of some popular wallpapers app on my word press and how they differentiate and their user interactivity.

Legal and Ethical considerations – The most common way of ensuring confidentiality is to use an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) when dealing with any outside parties that are likely to become aware of your confidential information.

What is my goal?

My goal is to create a wallpaper app that, helps people enjoy opening up there phones and showing of creativity or something personal about them selfs and showing the kind of wallpapers they like with others.

what is the user journey and experience?

The UI of the app will be very simplistic and likeable to all kinds of people and everything that users enjoy. As for the UX, it feels smooth easy to access and most importantly enjoyable to all of the people using the social aspect of the app which will create an uplifting and happy community.

where will the content come from?

Like Pinterest, it will a have a bookmark system whereby users will save or bookmark certain website pages or images on the internet and share them on the app. This will allow users to create an everlasting community where content will not be lacking and maintain an enjoyable and fun interactive app.

which features and functions do you want to include in your app?

Quick access ability whereby users can share content as fast as poseable, set and save wallpapers as they want, continue to receive recommendations around there searches and their interests.

Images of app colour palette






Old standard TT


PT Mono




Assassins creed font

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 13.53.40.png

akhenaton font

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 13.48.31.png

App logo

What makes a good logo is 5 simple principles; Appropriate, Versatile, Timeless, Memorable and Simple.

The logo should be appropriate for its intended purpose such as if you’re designing an app for kids make sure to give tit colourful and primary colours to make it obvious that it’s intended for a younger audience. however, if creating an app for a statistics app you would keep it simple and use dim colours such as dark greys, black, red or blue. It’s also important to state that because its an app for cars it doesn’t need to have a car as a logo. A logo is purely for identification.

Versatility, a good app need to work across a variety of mediums and applications which is why a logo needs to be designed as a vector based format, to ensure that it can be scaled to any size needed and work in both horizontal and vertical formats. one way to ensure a versatile app is to create it in black and white first which allows one to focus on the concept and shape. its also to remember to consider the printing costs the more colours you use the more it cost.

It should be timeless so it can effective for a very long time 20 or 50 years. The best example would the coca cola logo if you compare it to the Pepsi logo you can see how effective creating a timeless logo can be. the coca cola logo has barely changed since 1885, however, the Pepsi logo has undergone several different looks.

Timeless Logo Design

Making a memorable logo is achieved by using the principles of simplicity and an appropriate logo. just like the Mc Donalds logo which is a ‘M’ and using the colours red and yellow which give the younger audience look for kids.

A simple logo design allows for easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile and memorable. Good logos feature something unique without being overdrawn.

Logo Ideas








Maya: Bouncing Ball

In this task, we started by drawing a few different types of bouncing balls and then we began to animate the bouncing ball on Maya.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.57.47First I placed a sphere down and then I used the timeline at the bottom to set keyframes for when the ball would bounce and reach its high point and it bottom point and repeated this for about 90 frames which end with a basic ball going up and down. Also, i had to make sure that all the translate values were selected so that the shape would change evenly.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.58.12Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.58.02

Secondly the ball I had to make the ball bounce so I went on graph editor and began to manipulate the keyframes and make it look more natural. By pressing the button called break tangent on the keyframe created a shaper bounce for the ball and press in ‘shift w’ i can edit the roundness of the curves on the line which must stay round always.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 10.58.50

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.08.49

In the graph editor, I then began to shorten the curves and how long they take to bounce creating a slow ending of the bouncing ball. The graph editor is the most important part of this task as it changes the animation from going up and down to it looking like the bouncing ball which will be the final outcome.

(1) Maya animation basics_ Bouncing Ball - YouTube

Lastly, we have to add the squash and stretch which is one of the basics of animation. by changing the scale of the shape on the top right menu we can make the ball look as if it actually bouncing which I then add the keyframes in when it about to hit it low point and when it about to bounce back up to its high point. This then has to be overlooked on the graph editor again just to double check the smoothness of the bounce.

Maya: Animation Keyframe

We made 3 different 3D shapes; cube, sphere and pyramid we spread them evenly and beginning animating the cube so that it would move at 24 frames forward. Secondly, we animated the sphere going to move forward at 48 frames and the pyramid going the same way at 72 frames. this demonstrates that the same movement at higher frames reduces the speed.

placing a keyframe by pressing s on the keyboard creates a red highlight around the translate box which indicates the direction the shape will be moving.

After this, I then move the cube to its next destination and placed another keyframe which will make the shape move and fill in the frames between the first keyframe and the second keyframe.

Then I had to move each shape so that it would not only move but rotate as well. I used the same keyframe technique with the only the difference being the keyframe would be translated on ‘translate x’ I did this for all of the shapes.


finally, I changed the colour of the shapes by going on the hypershade menu and used lambert preset option which allows me to change the colour of the shape even the transparency of the colour. I then did this for all the other shapes.


3D Related Jobs

List of some Jobs

  • 3D Animator
  • Interior Designer
  • Architect
  • Game Designer
  • Skulptor
  • 3D Digital artist
  • 3D Visual artist
  • 3D Engineering
  • Biological and scientific modeling-3D printing: prosthetics, human tissues


scene 4

Interior Designer

The 3D software is used such as sketch up, auto desk 3d max, Autodesk homestyler, Autodesk auto cad, Autodesk Revit. This allows for faster revision of work and changes within that work and client-designer communication which vital when trying to create the perfect home space for the client. Visual planning which allows the designer and the client see what should be the final outcome which helps save time and resources creating the customer’s satisfaction to be extremely high. recycling assets such old customers designs can also be very useful when encountering customers that don’t have their mind set on something and also for advertisement online or in leaflets and shops.



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