Animation Task 3 Production and Evaluation 

   2-D Animation

This is my 2d animation which I entered into a sense of hope contest even though it was unfinished however with some further improvement I think I can reach a better outcome. To start with my animation I started by drawing out my animation on Adobe illustrate and then adding color and then putting them in adobe after effects and animating them.

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 13.58.48Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 13.58.41Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 13.56.04Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 13.55.46Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 13.58.31Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 13.57.44Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 13.56.44Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 13.59.23Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 14.00.01Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 13.55.30

Sound Track

Final Stop- Motion Animation


Task 2 Ideas generation

2-D Animation Treatment

Title: The Road To Hope!

Genre: Short Film / Action / Supernatural

Running Time: 1 minute

Target Audience: 12 to 18 young males/females

Outline: A Father of Two Siblings one consumed by darkness from exposure to an unknown element from within her father’s lab. Gives him the overwhelming urge to cure her of a twisted fate and path down to darkness as he continues his research. Alex falls further to the temptation at this point he loses his voice of reason and he does everything he has to even if that means committing murder as a result of his villainous final work he gives his son Thane a counter power to save his sister from the darkness a power imbued with light. After that moment the father commits suicide consumed by the guilt of murder. Now Thane must stop Alex as she seeks to destroy the world as she loses her sanity.

Character breakdown:

Alex Hunter, 19, female, villain

Thane Hunter, 18, male, hero

Rationale: I chose this idea because I think it will exhibit the idea of hope in a very unique way to that will be different from other animation that interprets hope as it won’t be a basic superhero animation but a very twisted that shows cryptic messages but ones that present real life morals.


Stop-Motion Animation

Title: Lights

Running Time: 5 seconds

Target Audience: young males and females

Outline: A string of lights will slowly move into the screen and slowly begin to form an L shape as it moves around the shot. when it moves into position I will turn on the lights and I will blur the shot to create a light-induced final image.

Rationale: I chose this idea because I thought it would be the best way to represent the letter L as lights are very common and easy to identify.


Road to Hope!

For the title of my animation, I went with “Road to Hope” because in my animation there are two endings showing the outcome of two different stories however only on is shown to an extent which demonstrates the ending of the more hopeful Road.

Female protagonist idea development

Here I tried out a few different drawing styles, hair styles and also facial expressions to try and develop what would be a better outcome. experimenting different looks is import as I want for the female character to portray a very strong and imposing as she is the villain also represents an intelligent and independent character. Testing different expressions is also very good to evaluate how the character maintains her unique personality and appearance.

Drawing a figure is also essential as it gives the characters a much better unique look that can drastically impact on the character as it important that audience can relate and almost feel this character’s presence. I have drawn the torso of this character quite masculine to portray a strong strike and intelligent woman who is very set on destroying the world for her own personal beliefs. Create different designs will also help create the world around the character.

Design this character was quite straight forward with the international villain’s characteristics powerful, intelligent, immoral, wounded and determined. for example, she has a way to bend things to her will using her charm to control others around her and avoiding stupid decisions that will make her two steps ahead of her brother.

Male protagonist idea development


For my male character, I tried some quite elegant and neat hairstyles that I liked, however, they did not really work as it would make my character lack the superhero quirky personality haircut so I with bottom left haircut which would give him a much more thrilling look to show off the character silly personality, however, would also signify his courage.

Here I experimented a few facial expressions to see which would fit with my characters silly quirkiness and courageous personality this characters facial are very intense as he can look very happy and innocent and then look very serious and that give him his mysterious but also interesting quirkiness which develops quite a bit.  designing this character was interesting as I had a plan to create him to have a sort of personality where he is willing to face his fears and take them head on and make hard decisions but also have somewhat of a hero hesitation and trying to overcome the worst outcome of that scenario in the name of justice.

Animation research-Task 1

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.58.46

The word “hope” can mean many things such as;

  • wish
  • desire
  • aspiration
  • expectation
  • ambition
  • aim
  • plan
  • dream
  • longing
  • yearning
  • craving

however, if I were to explain my idea of hope it would be the thought of being successful in completing or achieving a high grade in work or having an expectation for something to happen e.g winning the lottery or hoping someone in the hospital gets better. Hope can also have a negative meaning such as hoping to win the lottery when you don’t play it.

A good example of hope would be Cinderella as she loses all hope when her stepsisters and stepmother ridicule her and stop her from going the ball which shows us a very dark side of hope however when the fairy godmother appears all the hope resurfaced as she was able to go to the ball after going through so much suffering and cruelty from her step sisters and step mother she was given hope when fairy godmother gave her a dress and carriage to get to the ball and a back making her wish come true and making her believe in hope.


Animation Analysis

Cinderella was the first full bodied feature produced by walt disney production started in 1948 and then released in 1950. live action reference was used extensively to keep animation costs down and according to Laryn dowel one of the animators of the film roughly 90% of the film was done in live action before animation using basic sets as references for both animator and actors. The use of colour in Cinderella is a connection point with the audiences emotions and the characters emotion for example when Cinderella get her dress from the fairy godmother there are bunch of crystal white sparkles that inpose a great feeling of happiness and joy to both cinderella and the audience. however when the magic is undone the scene gets much darker and Cinderella wears a a magenta coloured dress represents compassion and encourages self respect after she believes that she will never see the prince again however she is still happy even though its meant to be a sad time.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 16.11.00.png


MAGIC LANTERN 160354d4560344a5e15c6a21076c_Magic_Lantern

The Magic Lantern is an image projector using pictures on sheets of glass. Since some sheets contain moving parts, it is considered the first example of projected animation.



The thaumatrope housed a rotating mechanism with a different picture on each side.
When rotated, you saw a combined picture (known as persistence of vision).



The phenakistoscope featured spinning disks reflected in mirrors that
made it seem like the pictures were moving.



The zoetrope was a hollow drum that housed images on long interchangeable
strips that spin and made the images appear to move.



The flip-book, also known as the kineograph, reached a wide audience and is credited
with inspiring early animators more than the machines developed in this era.



The praxinoscope expanded on the zoetrope, using multiple wheels to rotate images.
It is considered to have shown the first prototypes of the animated cartoon.

animation moodboard

Types of animation

  • 2D Animation-  is either using 2D bitmap graphics or 2D vector graphics
  • 3D Animation- starts with creating a 3D polygon mesh to manipulate as it gives the edges and faces giving the object or character a 3D appearance.
  • stop-motion- by using dolls or clay figure are used to create manipulate an object to give it the appearance that is moving on it own
  • cel animation- is a transparent sheet where your animation is drawn or painted on glass as traditional hand-drawn animation.
  • paint on glass animation -is a technique for making animated films by manipulating slow-drying oil paints on sheets of glass.

Stop Motion Research 


The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

It took Ray Harryhausen 11 months to complete the full color, widescreen stop-motion animation sequences for The 7th Voyage of Sinbad. Harryhausen’s “Dynamation” label was used for the first time on this film.

Harryhausen gave the Cyclops a horn, furry goat legs, and cloven hooves, an idea based upon the concept of the Greek god Pan. He lifted much of the creature’s design (for example the torso, chest, arms, poise and style of movement) from his concept of the Ymir (the Venusian creature from his earlier 20 Million Miles to Earth). He used the same armature for both figures; to do this, he had to cannibalize the Ymir, removing the latter’s latex body.

Harryhausen researched the Cobra-woman sequence (when Sakourah entertains the Caliph and the Sultan) by watching a belly dancer in Beirut, Lebanon. During the performance, Harryhausen says, “smoke was coming up my jacket. I thought I was on fire! It turned out the gentleman behind me was smoking a hookah!” The Cyclops is the film’s most popular character, but Harryhausen’s personal favorite was the Cobra-woman, a combination of Princess Parisa’s maid, Sadi, and a cobra.

The film’s original script had a climax that involved two Cyclops fighting. In the final version, however, the climactic battle featured a single Cyclops versus a Dragon. The model of the Dragon was more than three feet long and was very difficult to animate; the fight sequence took nearly three weeks for Harryhausen to complete. Originally, it was planned to have the Dragon breathing fire from its mouth during the entire sequence, but the cost was deemed too high. So the scenes where it does breathe fire, Harryhausen used a flamethrower, shooting out flames 30 to 40 feet against a night sky, then superimposeing the filmed fire very near the Dragon’s mouth.

The sword fight scene between Sinbad and the skeleton proved so popular with audiences that Harryhausen recreated and expanded the scene five years later, this time having an army of armed skeletons fight the Greek hero Jason and his men in 1963’s Jason and the Argonauts.

The stop-motion Cobra-woman figure used for the film was cannibalized 20 years later in order to make the Medusa figure in Harryhausen’s final film, Clash of the Titans.

  Types of animation

  • Claymation is using a clay to creating figures made of clay and background sets
  • Puppet Animation is an animation using still puppets and sets and characters that completely made before the animation instead of during
  • Cut-out Animation is a technique of producing animations using flat characters, props and backgrounds cut out from various materials such as, cardboard, stiff photographs
  • Pixilation they pose while multiple frames are taken and the position changes slightly in each frame.Object Animation involves the animated movements of non-drawn objects such as toys, blocks, dolls, etc
  • Silhouette Animation is an animation inspired from shadow play this animation uses detailed cut outs and black-lighting



The Fundamentals

  • the essence of animation
  • the speed at which something moves gives a sense of what the object is, the weight of an object, and why it is moving
  • e.g:blinking
Ease in and out(OR SOLOW IN AMD OUT)
  • ease in and out
  • everything in real-life typically moves in some typeof arcing motion.
  • when creating animation one should try to have motion follow curved paths rather than linear ones
  • even gross body movements when you walk somewhere tend
  • action in animation usually occurs in three sections
  • the motion, the actual action and then follow-through of the action
  • the first part is known as anticipation
  • generally, for good clear animation, the viewer should know what is about happen (anticipation), what is happening (the actual action itself) and what happened (related to follow through)
  • ecu
  • exaggeration is used to accent an action
  • if used n a careful and balanced
Squash and stretch
  • deforming an object in a way that
Secondary action
Sollow through and overlapping action
Straight ahead action and pose to pose action
  • the set up of your screen
  • comes down to adding more appeal in many different areas of your animation
  • character design
  • you want to have a character that the audience can connect to or relate to
  • refers to correct application of the other principles
  • it determines the success of an animation
  • one character
closing thoughts
  • character animation is about an artist bringing a character to life



Final mock ups and evaluation- Task 4


pendragon-racer-logoFor my pendulemragon racers logo, I stuck with some of the knights themed designs I had sketched out in my sketchbook I used the image of a knight’s helmet and shoulder to represent the team as it give it this vibe that the knight in the logo is confronting someone or something this shows us that this team is ready and bold to take any challenges thrown their way and to compare my work to a professionals I would say that my work would need much improvement as it does have such dynamic and fresh crisp look as some of the other logos professionals create and the same would apply to my hud.

red hUDS

I created my logo designs by using illustrator to trace out my sketches onto illustrator has the brush tool that creates a vector stroke which gives my logos and HUDs a sharp and sleek look which I think clashes with my game in a very immersive way. I used photoshop to colour the logos creating a unique atmosphere for each team logo with their individual vibrant colours.

For the charging harpies design I went for something really different than I intended as I was going for a drawing of a Harpy, however, decided to change my idea and just create the logo with the name charging harpies giving it a stronger more uplifting vibe as the wings give it a presentation of empowering and liberation. I used photoshop to give the text an effect which allowed me to create a stone looking effect to the font. Comparing this to a professional’s work I would say it could to with much improvements such as much more refined lines and background colour.

harpies hud fin

wolbane-logoThe wolfbane drifters logo is inspired by a wolf and a graffiti style of logo that is why I chose to use a wallpaper image as a background to emphasise the graffiti style and font which I was going for as for the HUD that also has a graffiti element that gives the team a fierce and dominant sense also I used illustrator to trace my sketch however used photoshop to edit and add colour to the logo. If I were to compare this logo to a professional’s work I would say that it is not on there stand however as an essential idea it is okay and to further improve this I would go by making sure the quality and the drawing is in high quality.  WOLF TEAM HUD

To safely conduct my work without any hazards such as having my bag under the desk so that I do not trip up or any of my colleagues making sure wires are correctly in place and not all around the room which could cause serious accidents such as dropping water on any wire or computers.


HUD Development Ideas- Task 3

Racing course

I chose this area as my racing course not only because it goes by the area I live in but because of some famous places in London such a big ben, the London eye, the imperial war museum, the oval and Tate Britain.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 16.58.37_Ink_LI.jpg


My first logo idea started with the basic colour red as I began to research and develop my ideas further I then sort out a stronger name for this team that would give the game a more meaning such as knights the have a deeper meaning in the UK as based on legend there were nights who protected our land many centuries ago and as the legend of king Arthur is most popular around the world I decided to use its concept to create my first team called Pendragon Racers which still keeps the basic idea of the colour red, however, has a deeper meaning and

This is my hud that I designed for the red team. In this hud, I added the essentials such as time for the player to carry out high scores and have competition I then added the minimap for the player to know where the other players are and highlight the racing track. furthermore, I added a speedometer and battery symbol so that the player can be aware of the car’s conditions and how fast they’re going. the indicator that tells the player their position was added at the top right to be easier for the player to read and I chose to give it the font named flame on as the basic idea was the colour red I also intended to use the element of fire, however, i kept the elemental idea as I thought it would suit the idea of the logo idea of the knights.


My second idea also was based off a basic colour yellow with further development I began to research mythical creatures such as the phoenix, sphinx and harpies which I decided to use as I started to design the team logos themed as ancient and mythical beings and legends as I further looked into the mythical creature I began to she that there are many versions of them mostly the different percentages being they are sometimes more bird than human and the other being they are more human than bird so I decided to use simpler logo ideas to represent them as a team. As began to look at cool ancient fonts that would suit the team and I decide to use a font as part of my logo idea.




This is my yellow team hud I used a similar look to the red team’s hud as I wanted all the hud to share a connection so that they don’t make the player feel like the are playing a completely different game. I use the same mini-map and similar speedometer however with this speedometer I chose to give it wings and different look as I wanted it to give the team a more unique look such as the timer’s font and position being an ancient font.

My third idea was based on the colour blue and a white tiger, however, this idea changed as I started to research my ideas as I then chose to go with a werewolf as it was a mythical beast and the white tiger had some legends but wasn’t really fitting the myth and legend theme I started to develop. As I drew out sketches I started to figure out ways of presenting a werewolf and I decided to just go with a wolf as I didn’t like the idea of a humanoid looking wolf  but loved drawing out wolfs I began to draw a wolf’s features such as eyes paws ears and then sketched some faces and even a whole body to figure out which would look best.


20170304_234125                   20170304_234143

For this teams hud I started with the basic colour blue, however, i started to look at thinking about what would suit the wolf idea and I began to look into the graffiti font which I thought would give the team hud and logo the look I was thinking of. As for the hud I decide the only major change I want to focus is the font and the speedometer as decided I would make it a wolf claw holding it and change the speedometers look to give it a much more fitting appearance to go well with the claw I also add another circle showing the player the battery of the car and it percentage.


My game is a third person racing game which evolves design your team vehicles to their maxium and makes your team become victorious. As a team of three, you must work together to not only out drive but outwit your opponent with sheer skills gain the advantages on the other teams will allow your team to gain their team skill giving the electrical car of the 21st centuries a kick of old legendary power. Crashing your enemies into other streets can put your team at an advantage or disadvantage.

The only way of winning isn’t only finishing as 1st place a team or carry out epic stunts diversions and aiding other team mates will give you points and EXP to level up your team and develop new skins and unlock better cars and their parts also beating high scores and gain world record in maps will give you loads of EXP.

The player will hear sounds indicating when they have gained their team skill and also their speedometer will have a coloured aura for what team you are in. Aiding allies and deceiving enemies will give you a quick little notice and sound effects so you know you have successfully done it.


HUD Research – Task 2

HUDS in cars


HUDs in cars can have features such as GPS, time and estimated arrival times, calls which can be received in a faster, quicker and safer manner. Also, receive messages and listen to music this creates a safer environment in the car and around. HUDs in cars most of the time have a customisable point of view and can show you anything from mph to the gas gauge.

Car dashboard elements


Dashboard elements are needed to feed the driver information, for example, the fuel indicator tells us if the driver running low on fuel or not and many more icons tell us other things.

Racing game HUDS

racing games huds .jpg

Designing HUDs is a quite  complicated process and we must take many things into consideration such as the composition and spacing, this is core as if a car game had the speed meter on the top left and the game draws your attention to the bottom then that would be a bad composition however, if the speed meter was placed at the bottom right then it would be easier for the player to notice it and interact with. secondly making sure the HUD doesn’t take up the majority of the screen is also a very important factor however if the HUD is too small and that can also be a bad thing as it will be harder for the player to interact with.

Information Set are a set for a particular player predicts every possible move they could’ve taken place in the game so far, given what the player has experienced.

Forza horizon 3


Forza Horizon has some of the best guidance of colour mixing from primary, secondary and tertiary these give the game a unique and personal vibe. The composition is very dexterous and simple with some basic elements of car games, however, creates a distinctive HUD and game. furthermore, the rule of thirds is used extensively well on the bottom left and right, where I  believe to be the most eye-catching and concerning the lines, they are faintly seen yet still visible as the Hud, was made to focus on the essentials, for example, the player’s location on the map and the speedometer. Depth of field in the game are very sharp on the car itself but for the area around the car the blurriness increases as the car speeds up, the typography used in the game is quite subtle and basic but together with the colour, composition, rule of thirds and use of lines is combine to create a great aesthetic appeal that gives the game an incredible design that engages the player.

Forza Horizon 3 is aimed at the young audience that can vary, for example, the usual 4 to 6-year old that loves cars but also to the older car fanatic that love the car and previous Forza horizon titles. The content in this game starting off with text is clear subtle and visible as the for the graphics the game has a very dense and striking touch of realism as the game’s immersive details and textures go to show how far the game is taking the realism to the next level of gaming.Alternatively, the animation and sound of this game are vastly intertwined as they mix together to create an immersive experience for the player, as for the interactivity it is considerably simple but keeps the player engaged and in the heat of the races and craving for more. Semiotics of sounds tell us that car engine is running and how fast it is going also the sound of collisions tell the player the car has been damage the louder and harder the collision the more damage the car has taken.The colours also give an understanding of what time it is during the day and also what kind of area you are in such as a desert type of area and a jungle and wet type of area. The game also keeps the hud uncluttered to keep the player focused on the races and driving the consistency of the hud and the game itself feed the player a calm and fair share of information keeping the player up to date and informed with prioritising information such as where your going how fast your going and what place your in.

The navigational design  in Forza horizon 3 is simple and instant feedback to the player making sure the player knows where to go keeping them informed on who is where on the map the mini map also uses primary, secondary and tertiary colours as visual cues for example highlight race tracks on the map street and area names and waypoint to attract and help the player understand all they can access also identifying the track help the player to respond quickly during drifts and when to brace for stunt jumps.

Technology such as the radio and satnav help create a stronger connection with the game and player keeping entertaining at a maximum so that the player doesn’t lose focus or interest in the game and making the player want more points and gain higher scores and gain more progression.


Sponsorship is when companies pay famous racers and supply them with equipment or drinks to publicise their companies by adding their logos onto the cars giving fans an awareness of the product or company giving them more sales and the larger most know companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, and other brands will support the most famous racers for higher publicity for better sales and free equipment for the racers.

Legal implications and ethical considerations

The copyright designs and patents act 1988 is a copyright law that gives creators of literature, drama, music and artistic works the right to have control over the way their content may be used such as broadcasts and public performances, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public this also give the creator the right to be identified as the author and change anything he believes needs changing. Copyright transpires when organisations or a creator creates a work and brands it as an original which requires a large amount of labour to produce their creation, skill or judgement. Translation is identified with the free creation instead of the idea behind the creation. For example, your idea for a book would not be safeguarded however the real content of a book you compose would be. At the end of the day, another person is still allowed to write their own book around a similar idea, if they don’t copy word for word or adjust your idea then that is tolerable. Names, titles, phrases and colours are not considered unique enough to be covered, but a logo of sorts that uses these elements may be considered to be unique.

HUD Planning – Task 1


Task 1: for task 1 I will create a Gantt chart that will show a very accurate and easy to read planner table of when I start and finish all my tasks during my assessment period also showing the percentage of work I have actually completed and what dates they are complete on. Furthermore, I shall write on my blog exactly what I will do and have done.

Task 2: In task 2 I will research and analyse existing and historical driving games on console platforms. I will also describe the interface elements and analyse what they do and investigate real car dashboards and collect examples of the symbols and icons also creating mood boards to show these examples. finally, research and consider the legal implications and ethical considerations.

Task 3: In this task, I will be write up my car game ideas and I will write about the strategy, the payoff and information set I will also include an image of my highlighted course. for this task, I will also be completing work in my sketchbooks such as my logo designs and HUD designs that link with the style of my logos. finally, I will add logo idea mood boards.

Task 4: In this task 4 I will be making all my mock-up logos and huds from sketches into their final and finished digital illustrations and write up an evaluation about how I created them and what methods I use to create them. I also explain how I used visual language media and processes that communicate my ideas and how I safely worked around the computer.




Mario Kart HUD History

Super Mario Kart



Super Mario Kart is a fun racing game that was published by Nintendo in 1993 onto the NES and its HUD has a very low resolution and is limited to several colours. It is also 2D and not very dynamic as it is repetitive in movement. The user experience seems very basic and does not have much of an action hud as it doesn’t do much except flash your place and change it when you’re overlapped.

Mario Kart 64



Mario Kart 64  has evolved significantly since Super Mario Kart as it has a more interactive HUD and it displays a mini map as well which feeds much more information to the player.


Assessment: Posters

First Poster Design:


The idea of my first poster was created to take the appearance of a person walking out of a narrow alley towards the gherkin and then I added the text to the wall with the vanishing point technique on photoshop. For the shadow, I simply added a realistic drop shadow effect which is applied diagonally to align with the sunlight. Furthermore to create the black alley walls I used the polygonal lasso to trace the shape and fill the shape with the bucket tool. In my first idea the meaning, I am trying to convey is that London festival of architecture isn’t only an event to visit its the city its self. Originally I was going to have the text flat on the bottom left the side of the poster. Personally, I think this poster is still at a starting point and could do with a lot more development as the poster itself still seems empty as it is now and could still use more colour experiments. The font I really like as it gives off this London vintage vibe which really shows sends us the message of London architecture from its vintage history of buildings.

Second Poster Design:

My second design is my most developed idea in my opinion. Firstly as you can see the original poster on the left had no title and the font was plain and basic so to fix this I started by recreated the layout by making sure it has a border where I could create a better composition and fill the negative space, where I could add the title and applied a better font. secondly recreating the background was very useful as it gave me a more refined layout where I can add my images correctly aligned with the shapes which I created with the polygonal lasso tool tracing the images by lowering the opacity and copy over the shape and press ‘cmd c’ to copy the section and then ‘cmd v’ to paste the selected area. I would then use ‘cmd t’ to transform the image’s scale to give it a smaller border within the shapes. Secondly, I changed the hue and saturations to change it from its original sky blue and pink to a turquoise and light purple however for the buildings I decided they should keep their original colours as it would look bolder and I thought that fewer triangles and images would make the poster more energetic. The meaning this poster conveys is that there many buildings in London that show off architecture with just three of the most famous buildings. This is also the poster that I have chosen as my final idea to present.

Third Poster Design:

The third poster design is very simple however within this idea I have developed the colour to give a different perspective and also wanted to test which colour would go better with the yellow font and both go well, however, the red was the better choice due to the combination of red and yellow having such an overwhelming atmosphere. Additionally, the font is a very dynamic slightly futuristic look and to make the image of the London eye look like a drawing by applying a filter from the filter gallery and I picked graphic pen filter which changes the mood of the poster for the composition of the title I chose to place it diagonally because I didn’t like the way it look at the top of the poster as I felt it was very basic and could give off a dull atmosphere.



This worksheet shows the stage of my development for my poster.

This is my final poster design.





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