Text style self-Portrait

Learning how to use text in different style and techniques in adobe illustrator. artboard-1





This my text style self-portrait that is inspired by David Carson.

Getting started





Olympics logos Illustrator


I made these Olympics logos by using the pen tool and shape tool and also sketching  the  logo from the original. This task was fairly easy and i took around 30 mins to complete all logos I really enjoyed using the eyedropper tool to gain the same colour of the original logo and apply it to my own sketch. The adjustments i would make would most likely be the Rio 2016 logos smoothness and give Barcelona’s sharper edges.












Illustrator-Basket task



Here is the basket i made on adobe Illustrator where i use the distort and transform functions to replicate the spheres and pathfinder to create holes that are punched in the basket to give it a basket look.






Illustrator Task-01 Flags of the world




Here are the flags that I created on illustrator using the rectangle tool and pen tool and by using the rulers and guides I was able to create symmetrically shaped flags. I also used the shape tool with the shift button to create evened out shapes.






South Africa




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