My video game story idea


My video game idea is aimed at teenagers and


A Man cryogenically frozen in the second world war wakes up in a world where technology has advanced to the point of AI running everything on the planet. As he adventures into this revolutionised world he begins to realise that there is something wrong with this so-called planet earth. Loneliness only brings him closer to the abyss of insanity as he questions everything However he isn’t alone as a group of people called the ‘overseers’ share the same doubt in their reborn world. Most of their members have a keen eye towards their surroundings some would call them detectives but they were much more, they believed in much more than just some sort of AI invasion they believed in shadows that haunted as while sleep.

(This artwork  shows an idea of  the future that Berthold has woken into)


Main Character:

 A man named Berthold Rose mainly known as the time leaper was given that name after being brought back from his cryogenic sleep. Berthold was a tall and masculine man his hair is the darkest shade of brown eyes hazelnut eyes that reflected the fire ambition from his soul.

(Here is some artwork that I found on Pinterest to show an idea of what I may possibly make my character ‘ Berthold’ look like)






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