PolyBird: Task Actions


Photoshop Actions come in the .ATN file format which are series of actions of steps that have been created by me. This current series of actions consisted of selecting an area as a triangle and apply  fill which would be set to F1 key so it would quickly fill the area.  by creating this action the process can be multiplied  as many times you want.


Firstly  I  created this action that allows me to reproduce the same process several times to create to the poly bird without having to take as much time as you would without the actions.

Photoshop 01: Skycape Task

Here is the photoshop task where  I removed the sky destructively , Non- destructively and add a gradient coloured sky which destructively I would just select the sky and erase it however in  the non-destructive approach I added a mask layer which allowed me to regain lost parts of the image which would have been erased by the quick selection.

destructive city scape.jpg

Adjustment layer task



This my first attempt at Destructive layer adjustment which i was able to customise the colour of the mini by adding colour straight onto the layer becoming destructive as it is applied to the original layer.

This is a non-destructive layer adjustment as i made a mask instead of painting straight onto the original layer and this allows me to easily regain the original content from the picture.