Packaging designs and Evaluation



Coola cola is a healthy energy that will refresh and energize. This packaging is for the energy drink Coola cola the green background is used to represent the green and healthy nature of the drink as for the text I chose to go with something much more natural like handwriting.

I decided to have a leaf in the middle to also represent to healthy drink and also have a simplistic design as for the white strips around the leaf I added them to take away the negative space and give the packaging more colour besides green but also presents the healthy and a pure look and it emanates to the consumer.

I like this final outcome as I believe it best represents the healthy nature of the drink and is quite eye catching making the drink more likely to be bought by consumers. creating the white strips around the leaf also give the packaging a more unique and polished look and design that make it look quite professional. with the leaf being the main icon I think the packaging spreads the correct and appropriate message across to the consumers around the world.


I think what went well was the design of the font I think that its wells suited and equally has the appropriate use of what the product is trying to convey because the use of colour white adds the natural element of purity and the green around create a beaming logo that I believe can be used on an actual official drink.

I think the lack of tone and shade of green the packaging could be worked as the packaging is quite bland and lacks shade that could create an even better and rewarding logo and packaging. however, I would say that besides the lack of shade and tone I believe the packaging is amazing.

I have learned that the packaging should be very considerate of the product and how it will be present if it is appropriate and if it fits well in the market.



Unit 45 Task 2 – Target Audience

Coola Cola- a luxury organic Cola

Target Audience: Male/ females that are sporty, health-focused, thirsty, on the go and sugar-free. Age varies on the components of the drink but mostly for younger and Teen/Adults. As a luxury organic cola, it would be aimed at more higher working class and upper classes. the ethnic background would be any all around.

A Persona: 

Rachel- small business owner

  • social media marketing
  • a key decision maker


  • Age 30
  • white female
  • $90,000/yr
  • Urban location
  • Master’s degree
  • Married, no kids

Mark- Universty Student

  • takes the initiative
  • lacks organization skills


  • Age 18
  • black male
  • major in biology
  • unmarried
  • a town in the UK

Chole- highschool student

  • active student sporty
  • attends many  after-school clubs


  • Age 16
  • asian female
  • GCSEs
  • Stockwell highschool


A Scenario:

chole might want to get a healthy energy drink that could refresh her for her after school club. the organic cola could be the drink she picks up at her nearest superstore or corner shop.


Media – Traliers

Movie Trailers

Genre: Comedy-Drama Sci-fi film

Age rating: 12A

In the trailer, it shows a couple contemplating on if they should downsize which a Procedure people take to make them selfs small and essentially become rich. the film is set in a somewhat futuristic modern society that is trying to become a green and better world.

The couple Paul Safranek who is played by Matt Damon and his wife Audrey who is played by Kristen Wiig.

Genre: Drama Biographical film

Age rating: 15

Molly is the main character played by Jessica Chastain

The story seems to be a con woman that has been successful by coning rich people however now she is being put on trial for her crime and it is also based on a true story.

Genre: Thriller crime film

Age rating: 12A

Henry is played by Jaeden Lieberher

The story seems to be about a young boy who is a genius becoming aware of his best friend neighbour that is being abused by her stepdad and Henry and his family trying to help her with genius.

Game Trailers

Genre: Action Game

Age rating: RP ( Rating Pending)

The main character seems to be Sam played by Norman Reedus

The story is quite cryptic and unclear but from what we see this is about a post-apocalyptic world were these unearthly beings are terrorising the humans.

Genre: Action, Hack and slash

Age rating: RP ( Rating Pending)

Bayonetta is voiced by Hellena Taylor

This game trailer is also not clear in what it is about, however, we get the impression that it has something to do with fighting and a lot of action.

Genre: Action, Aventure

Age rating: RP ( Rating Pending)

The main characters name seems to be Ghost who is voiced by Daisuke Tsuji

This story seems to be about a samurai in feudal Japan were a mans home has been destroyed and seems to seek revenge.



Media different shots

3 Stages of Production

Before Pre:
  • Blue sky thinking
  • Planning
  • inspirational
  • idea generating
  • development
  • script writing
  • research
  • storyboarding
  • Casting
  • Prop creation
  • set locations, building, scouting
  • funding
  • crew
  • concept art
  • costumes
  • hiring equipment
  • shot list
  • Filming
  • rehearsal
  • technical checking
  • logging/reshooting
  • live audio
  • live special effects
  • tease marketing
Post- Production
  • Editing
  • CGI
  • Finalising
  • additional audio
  • foley
  • special effects
  • compositing
  • soundtrack
  • soundscape
  • test screen
  • distribution
  • marketing

List of camera shots

  • Extreme close up
  • close up
  • mid close-up
  • long shot
  • extreme long shot
  • extreme shot
  • dutch angle
  • two shot
  • over the shoulder shot
  • high angle
  • bird’s eye view
  • low angle
  • worm shot

An establishing shot in filmmaking and television production sets up or establishes the context for a scene by showing the relationship between its important figures and objects.It is generally a long or extreme-long shot at the beginning of a scene indicating where, and sometimes when, the remainder of the scene takes place.


Related image


Image result for establishing shots



Sound in Interactive Media

Sound in 2D animation

sound file types:
  • mp3
  • AIF
YFoley –
footstep, cloths
Ambience –
background noise
Library sound effects –
prerecorded sound effects
Direct to picture
dialogue mixer
sound effects
morden foley is
spotting session
Premier pro
Video/sound mix
Export as media

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