Game Story & Ideas

Game Treatment

Title: Player’s Reality  (In the works)

Genre: Beat em up, side scroller

Levels: 1

Target audience: 12A males and females


The human world has been invaded by monsters from an RPG fantasy, dragons, goblins and more. The whole world woke up to this mystery that changed everything, people began to see health bars and levels over there heads which started to inspire people to become Players (hunters of the mythical beasts) to go out and fight these hordes of monsters and level up and become stronger as they did this they would begin to gain powers like magic which society began to see as a normal thing as players blew up society changed. Now players would earn money from bounties and hunts some even aimed to be famous from killing high levelled monsters some just wanted to enjoy the thrill of the hunts.

The main story is based around our main character André King that aims to be the number 1 of all players but primarily get money and make a living.

Character breakdown:

Goblin Queen/ Antagonist


André King/protagonist




Media different shots

3 Stages of Production

Before Pre:
  • Blue sky thinking
  • Planning
  • inspirational
  • idea generating
  • development
  • script writing
  • research
  • storyboarding
  • Casting
  • Prop creation
  • set locations, building, scouting
  • funding
  • crew
  • concept art
  • costumes
  • hiring equipment
  • shot list
  • Filming
  • rehearsal
  • technical checking
  • logging/reshooting
  • live audio
  • live special effects
  • tease marketing
Post- Production
  • Editing
  • CGI
  • Finalising
  • additional audio
  • foley
  • special effects
  • compositing
  • soundtrack
  • soundscape
  • test screen
  • distribution
  • marketing

An establishing shot in filmmaking and television production sets up or establishes the context for a scene by showing the relationship between its important figures and objects.It is generally a long or extreme-long shot at the beginning of a scene indicating where, and sometimes when, the remainder of the scene takes place.


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