Maya- Topology

Polygonal Modelling

polygonal modelling is modelling object by representing their surfaces using polygonal it suited for scanline rending and is the method mostly used for real-time computer graphics other methods like NURBS and Subdivision surfaces are equation based which is used for ray tracers.


NURBS- Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines

Nurbs is a mathematical modelling technique commonly used in computer graphics programmes like Maya that generate and represent curves and surfaces. it is precise and flexible handling with surfaces and modelled shapes.


Short Keys:

  • F – will frame the currently selected object
  • A – will frame all the objects
  • Q – will access the general select tool
  • W – will access the move tool
  • E – will access the rotation tool
  • R – will scale the object.
Green selection is object mode
Holding D with the snap options make the shape snap to where you want on the grid
mesh tools, insert edge loop and then creating an extrusion can make a stairs effect with the 3d shape
Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 19.54.20
Maya uses snap tools to snap objects easier and faster, placing objects where they need to be or where we need them to be. for example if I want to move the object by it bottom left vertex I can move it anywhere on the grid as long as I have the snap to points option complete.
Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 19.57.08
This screenshot shows us the shape we are able to select and use to create figures, object and more. selecting one shape will make it appear in the centre of the grid which is where the user works from when using Maya.

Quick select is located on the status line, it lets you enter the name of an object to select it. the tool is mostly used to find objects when its hard to find, selecting using *(asterisk) will select all the objects with the characters making it easier to select all similar items with few keystrokes.

Move Tool can move the objects around the x,y and z-axis you can also change where the move manipulator is set for example you are able to change if its set on a vertices or face. the mover manipulator can also be set to move around the grid by vertices or face and above and under the grind.

Rotate Tool can rotate the shape about the world space XYZ axes without changing the rings and rotating a component along a local reference frame rotates the selected vertices or CVS.

Scale Tool when scaling an object you must remember you can only scale objects without components for example joints. the object when scaled is aligned to the world space axis if multiple objects are scaled at the same time each object scales to it own object space.

Spaceship Task

pasted image 0.png
Today we created a spaceship using the basic tools of Maya such move tool, scale tool, rotate tool and quick selection. this task helps me get a better understanding of Maya’s interface and also when struggling to not panic and press multiple buttons as this will create more problems.

Column Task

pasted image 0.png
 In this task, I used the snap feature to snap to the grid but changed its pivot point to its vertices so it would snap into the vertices of the world space axis. I also used the extrude feature to extrude the column and make it higher.
(Images from google images and screenshots)

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