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Due to the absence of one of the group members, I had to take the responsibilities that he had as a cameraman, scriptwriter had been put on to me and as this inconvenience had occurred I took the lead of the project which concluded with work quality being reduced. however besides all of the negative things that occurred to me and the other member of my group was still able to create a nice and meaningful trailer that paid homage to watchdogs 2.

For starters, the timing and video footage in the trailer was very well placed and organized was a very unique way that told the story as I wanted too. On the other hand, there was a scene that was dragged on for too long and could have been improved on by cutting it down and filming a scene or two extra to make the trailer more fluent and not bore the view as that scene is too long and makes the view not interested however it does create a slight bit of suspense of if the character will complete the task in time or not.

The music of the trailer was a very uplifting hip hop type of track which fits into the video as we try to present the events of the game like hacking for justice in a positive light which is a good thing as it makes people feel pumped up to play the game. However, the story in the trailer is a bit dark as it about a male hacker infiltrating an organization’s database through one of their hubs making the track a bit out of place but I still believe it to go with the flow of the trailer.

Production Diary

Week 1 (05/03/18)

This week we started to get everything we need to film as this was the first week of our filming and the last due the time we had left for the deadline. We filmed most of our shots in and the college at around 2pm and ended later that day at 5pm which was a lot of time we spent on shots as we wanted them to be as perfect as they could be with the time we had left. Most of the shots we had come up with we had already decided the places we would shoot the scenes so all that was left to do was got straight into the scenes so we shoot all the shots in order and got all of them done.

I did the filming and directing as Philan done all the action with both of us also evaluating the footage we made sure we could get our shots all done with the minimum time as possible. we day ended with our last shot outside and called it a warp as we reviewed the footage we were happy and decide to return the equipment.

Week 2 (13/03/18)

This week we worked on the editorial stage of our work which we took time with as we picked what clips to use and the style we were going with as we added a small amount of in-game footage as we wanted the viewers to see what other things the game included that we weren’t able to film as we didn’t have the resources nor the time. however, we were still able to produce a very fun and great trailer.



Media Pre-Production

Prop Planning

  • Watchdogs 2 Game case
  • Bag
  • Laptop


Equipment Research

  • Camera/ filming
  • Microphone/ recording extra dialogue and sound effects
  • Computer/ editing


Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 14.26.17.png

Costume Planning





Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.21.57Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.22.06Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.22.13Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 14.22.21

Task 1 Media Trailer Ideas

DragonBall FighterZ


Two friends/ rivals both start-up Dragonball fighters z as they start engaging intensely into the game they end up fighting each other in real life and begin to act as the characters they are playing in the game and start charging their attacks of the characters and firing their attacks create a bright flash which ends the trailer with the title of the game.


Two friends both start playing Dragonball fighters z. As they play some matches keeping drawing and getting engaged into the game very intensely win after loss, loss after win they both jump out of their seats beginning to fight one another after a few blocked punches and failed kick they both begin to take their selected characters personas and charge up their final attacks which creates an epic moment of them both intensely charging up and finally releasing their energy as super attack which will end the trailer.


  • Visual effects on the tv from the gameplay of the game
  • Both characters will look like your average young adults
  • Visual effects of the characters will be added through digital software

Target Audience

  • Dragonball having a huge worldwide audience its guaranteed to get a massive overload of popularity
  • Dragonball will have a mature teenage/adult as it is a fighting game and quite violent
  • Many people who like fighting games and others who have watched the animation

Doki Doki Literature Club


Boy goes to school and one of his friends recommends he join the literature club they attend and then the boy meets 3 new girls which he begins to attend regularly. the boy the starts to hit on one of the girls and from there, a series of events begin.


Boy goes to school and one of his friends recommends he join the literature club they attend and then the boy meets 3 new girls which he begins to attend regularly. the boy the starts to hit on one of the girls due to them being paired into duos he starts regularly hitting on one of the girls and even ends up on going on a date with this individual. One day the club decides its time to plan for an upcoming school event the boy hits on the girl and confesses his love to her as he walks her home. On the day of the event, she isn’t at school and the boy and other club members get worried so the boy goes to her house to check on her and finds her hanged and dead in her room.


  • Mostly props are needed and locations such as a classroom
  • Characters will need school uniforms
  • The visual effects of a filter which can be added after like monochromatic

Target Audience

  • Due to the dark twist, the trailer would be aimed at very mature audiences such as young adults and older
  • The trailer will also appeal to the audience who have watched or played the game
  • Also, this could appeal to an audience who like romance and dating simulation games

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